Rumor Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature 120 Hz Screen


Rumor Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature A 120 Hz Screen

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Rumors of a possible Nintendo Switch 2 have been circulating for months, but there are now new details about the device's specifications.
While Nintendo has not officially confirmed anything, this information has excited Nintendo fans who were hoping for a performance improvement.

With the Mario movie reaching the big leagues and Zelda preparing for the spotlight, it looks like gaming giant Nintendo is getting ready to launch the next-generation Switch this year. Analysts have predicted that the new console will build on the original Switch's success and is likely to come with some cranked-up specs, offering a familiar but more powerful experience.

New details regarding the hardware specs for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 have been revealed, and it looks like the handheld device will feature a 120 Hz screen, 64 GB of storage, and 8GB RAM.

New Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors 

It’s been almost seven years since Nintendo released a brand-new console, and fans anticipate a new one could launch soon. Despite there’s still no official announcement, the hype is building for Nintendo Switch. 

A new rumor by Taiwan’s Economic Daily has given new information regarding hardware specs for the Nintendo Switch 2, which includes key details regarding the handheld’s display. 

According to the latest rumors, the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature –

  • 120 HZ Screen

  • 8 GB Ram

  • 64 GB Storage

  • NVIDIA T239 Processor

The source has also mentioned that Nintendo is expected to launch the Switch sequel this year in 2024, as per previous reports. However, due to global financial conditions, the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will retail for $100 more than the original Switch. This brings its price up to $400 USD. 

In terms of upgrades, if these rumors turn out to be true, it would mean the storage of the system will remain the same. Meanwhile, the screen refresh rate of 120 HZ would be a massive upgrade from the 60 Hz screen the Switch has right now. The 8GB RAM would double the current specifications. That’s not all; the Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly feature an upgraded and newer Tegra processor, the NVIDIA T239. 

Regarding the reliability of these rumors, the Taiwanese Economic Forum doesn’t have a great track record for Nintendo-related news. So, taking these rumors with a pinch of salt is crucial. 

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Compete Against New-Gen Handhelds

While these rumors suggest the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will pack a punch when it comes to hardware, it’s important to remember that the handheld landscape has changed quite a lot since the launch of the original Switch. The rumored Switch 2 will have a tough competition in the current handheld console scene. Most handheld devices these days come with incredible specs, such as Steam Deck 2, which is literally a miniature gaming PC.

Rumor Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature 120 Hz Screen and 64GB Storage

Even mobile phones come with great specs these days, capable of running high-quality video games. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max can run AAA games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Death Stranding. 

The introduction of Steam Deck kicked off the development race for handheld consoles. Nintendo would have to release a console that is capable of competing against the standards set by Valve’s machine. Although the rumored Switch 2 would be an upgrade over the current Switch, fans are still skeptical whether the console is a simple upgrade or a complete jump over to the next generation. 

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