Riot Games Unveils Gameplay of Illaoi, the Fifth Champion for Their 2XKO Fighting Game

Riot Games Unveils Gameplay of Illaoi, the Fifth Champion for Their 2XKO Fighting Game

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Riot Games recently showcased the gameplay and breakdown of Illaoi the Kraken Priestess, who will be the fifth member of 2XKO’s roster.
With playtests beginning by the end of this year, 2XKO will be released sometime in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

2XKO is a brand-new 2v2 fighting game that Riot Games developed based on their massively popular League of Legends universe. While playable characters like Yasuo, Ekko, Ahri, and Darius were previously revealed, the studio recently showcased gameplay footage and the breakdown of the fifth hero named Illaoi.

While the Kraken Priestess dominates the top lane in their MMORPG League of Legends, her role in 2XKO is equally impressive, boasting distinctive abilities that make her a true champion. Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about Illaoi.

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess and Her Abilities in 2XKO

While we already know that Illaoi will be part of the roster in 2XKO, this gameplay showcase breaks down her combat moves and abilities within the game. The Kraken Priestess emphasizes dealing huge damage and wields a Golden Totem that summons Spirit Tentacles to pressurize her enemies. 

Thanks to her brute strength, her entire kit revolves around effectively using her spirit tentacles in tandem with landing deadly hits. While her S2 Special is used to spawn them, her S1 Special acts as a follow-up attack that works as long as her enemies are within range or “splash zone”.

Besides that, she also has abilities such as Prayer of Motion and Prayer in Stagnation that help Illaoi use the tentacles from a distance. Although these spirit tentacles are a crucial part of her kit, you need to keep in mind that they are more of a support-type utility that she can earn by executing smart plays.

Additionally, Illaoi has her S1 Super called Crashing Waves, where she grabs her enemy, swings them overhead, and slams them onto the ground twice, which can deal potent damage. She also has her S2 Super Wrath of Nagakabourous, which spawns giant spirit tentacles and bashes the area around it, causing damage to nearby opponents.

Illaoi’s deadliest ability is her Ultimate called Test of Spirits, which essentially pays homage to her powers in League of Legends. Upon activating her ult, the Kraken Priestess smacks the soul of her enemies, sending them to the depths where they encounter Nagakabourous, the god of Ocean storms, and Motion.

While all of this makes Illaoi seem invincible, you need to know that if you face her in your battles, you can still perform counterplays against her by taking down her summoned tentacles. However, if she is fighting alongside you, she can also offer support as her spirit tentacle will still spawn even after her death.

Pairing her with a high-mobility champion like Ahri would be the ideal combo, as Illaoi can effectively carry out her abilities.

While Illaoi along with characters like Yasuo, Ekko, Ahri, and Darius can be played in person at the EVO Japan tournament on 27th April, the devs mentioned that official playtests for the game would begin later this year. 

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