How to Level Up Fast in Valorant (2024)

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How to Level Up Fast in Valorant (2024)


There's no magic shortcut to level up super fast in Valorant, but you can speed up your Account Point (AP) gain by a fair amount.
Winning your first match of the day is a sure shot way to get consistent amounts of AP.

There's no magic shortcut to skyrocket your level in Valorant, but here are some strategies to maximize your Account Point (AP) gain and level up faster. Winning matches grants more AP than losing. Focus on teamwork, communication, and honing your skills to secure victories and you should start climbing quickly.

How to Level Up Fast in Valorant

Valorant rewards you with a significant 1,000 AP bonus for winning your first match each day. Make this a priority as this is the fastest way to get AP. Try to win at least one match a day and you can get a decent amount of AP very consistently.

Play and Have Fun

The most direct approach is simply playing as many matches as possible. While repetitive, it guarantees progress. Make it more enjoyable by playing with friends!

Try to Win More

Yes, we are literalling you to "just win LOL". Valorant rewards your first win of the day with a significant 1,000 AP bonus. Aim to win at least one match daily for a steady AP boost like we mentioned earlier. Winning any match grants more AP than losing. Focus on improving your gameplay and teamwork to increase win rates.

Choose The Right Game Modes

There's debate on whether specific modes offer faster leveling. While Spike Rush games are quicker, some argue Unrated or Competitive offer similar AP per minute played. This is a very debatable tip so we recommend sticking to your favorite modes.

Completing Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions offer varying AP rewards. Consider holding off on some missions to potentially complete them alongside future ones for a bigger AP gain.

Remember that Grinding mindlessly can lead to burnout. Take breaks and switch things up to keep Valorant enjoyable long-term. Leveling up in Valorant requires consistent gameplay and dedication. Set aside regular play sessions, especially during double XP events or weekends, to make the most of your time and effort invested in the game. If things start to feel like a chore, just take a break.

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