All Phoenix Valorant Voice Lines and Quotes

Joke's over, you're dead!

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All Phoenix Valorant Voice Lines And Quotes


Phoenix is one of those Valorant agents who has been in the game since the start. Players looking for aggressive gameplay often pick him.
Phoenix is well known for blasting fire and taking down enemies, he is one of the most eccentric Valorant agents.
Here are all the voicelines used by Phoenix in Valorant, before, during and after the game.

One of the most eccentric Valorant agents is Phoenix. He is a fiery guy who uses flames on the battlefield. Fire is his strong suit, and rightfully so. It perfectly fits his quirky personality. His voice lines are pretty popular among the Valorant community.

Whether it is the in-game voice lines or those seen in different teasers and trailers, they have a separate fan base. Phoenix is a great duelist for those wanting to implement aggressive tactics and rush-based gameplay.

To match that spirit and keep the gusto alive, here are all the Phoenix Valorant voice lines and quotes.

All Phoenix Valorant Voice Lines and Quotes

The voice artist who has artfully lent his voice to Phoenix's character is Afolabi Alli. Not only that, he also made a brief appearance in the famous spin-off of Game of Thrones, House of Dragon.

Phoenix in Valorant

Phoenix Voice Lines During Abilities

Phoenix uses the following voice lines when using his abilities:


"Goin' up."


  • “Flash!”

  • “Watch your eyes!”

Hot Hands:

“Careful now.”

Run It Back:

  • “C’mon, let’s go!” - Ally Cast

  • “Joke’s over, you’re dead!” - Enemy Cast

  • “Yo, you can do that too?!” - Resurrected


Match Start

  • "Don't worry guys, they say I'm a prodigy. Not my words! Not my words, baby!"

  • "Let's make this quick bro, I got things to do."

  • "Yes, yes, it's me, autographs if we survive, yeah?"

  • "Relax, settle down, I've got this. And I'm not leaving until we're done out here, yeah?"

  • "When I'm done, they'll be nothing more than ash."

  • "Keep a healthy distance! I burn hot!"

  • "Okay fam, if any of you die I'll be vex so just keep alive, yeah?"

On Attack

"All this for some radianite? It's mad. Let's get it and be done!"

On Defense

"Yo, let's stop these guys, for real. No one gets past me again."


"Man, this weather is not on. Anyone got a jacket?"


"Really? You dragged your fire guy underwater? Fam, you're killing me!"


Call for a buy

"I'm buyin'"

Call for a save

"I'm savin'"

Offer to buy for allies

"Anyone need something?"

Request weapon

"I need a drop."

Barrier Down

  • "Keep it hot!"

  • "Stop them! This is our turf!"

  • "Knock 'em down!"

  • "Gotta plug those holes, guys!"

  • "Let's get the advantage."

  • "They're not gonna get an inch!"

  • "Bring it up!"

  • "They should stop tryin'!"

  • "Let's turn this around, squad!"

  • "We got it this time!"

  • "Let's push 'em out."

  • "Let's keep it rollin'!"

  • "Let me show you how the boss does it."

  • "I got you, bruv!"

  • "Don't hold back."

  • "Let's go!"

Spike forgotten

  • "You're kiddin', right? Fam, get the spike!"

  • "Someone get the spike."

Round Start

  • "Remember, stay out of the fire. Super high level tactic, remember that, yeah?"

  • "I'm twitchy here, let's go already."

  • "Look, don't start restin'. There's still work to do."

  • "You want me serious? You got it!"

  • "Y'all better keep up!"

  • "This is crazy, it feels like we've been doing this forever. Anyone else feel like that? Just me? Okay."

  • "New fight, new tactics, keep it fresh yeah?"

  • "Buy stuff, kaching, lil' skrrt, then we're done, yeah?"

  • "Their MVP is mine. Let's do this!"

  • "You man ready for a light show?"

Last round won

  • "Feels good to stretch my wings."

  • "That was easy!"

  • "They're still fightin'? After seeing what we can do? Not wise."

  • "I'm kinda feeling myself right now, y'all better keep up!"

  • "Do they still want it? Mad guys."

Last round won while in the lead

  • "Ayy, I like this game!"

  • "Damn, this is fun! Let's keep it going."

  • "Who else is havin' a great time? Just me? Tsk, ah, I'm gutted!"

Making a comeback

  • "Knock me down, I'll get right back up."

  • "Oh, okay! We back in it now!"

  • "They're in for a rude awakenin'."

Last round in the half

  • "Either spend all your money, or give it to me. Good cause either way."

  • "Spend it now, or it's gone!"

Match Point

  • "We win this battle, we win this war. Let's do it!"

  • "One more win and we're going out for drinks lads!"


  • "Skrra!"

  • "Embarrassin'!"

  • "Sorry bro!"

  • "Dead!"

  • "Target down."

  • "Get outta here!"

  • "You're out."

  • "Put down!"

  • "That's done."

  • "No you don't!"

  • "What?"


  • "Sit down!"

  • "Head's up!"

  • "Look sharp!"

  • "Walk it off, G!"

  • "Eh, what're you doin'?!"

  • "Oh you ain't comin back!"

  • "They're super dead!"


  • "Pay attention!"

  • "Really?!"


"Triple, baby!"



Last kill

  • "You tried, ahaha, I'd stop that!"

  • "Easy mate. There can only be one hero."

  • "I got it! Yeah!"

  • "That's it, break time!"

Last kill melee

Phoenix Laughs

Last kill enemy MVP

"Uhhh, I can't see your guy.

One kill remaining (game-mode specific)

"Game point, bruv!"


Defuse resumed


Defuse time running out

"All good, all good."

Defuse successful

"We good, we good."

Round End


  • "Mess with again? Oh wait, you can't!"

  • "You thought you could come against I."


  • "Ooh, that's going on a highlight reel for sure!"

  • "Oh you thought you'd put up a fight?"


  • "You see that? Tell me you caught that!"

  • "You get that on camera?"

  • "The best! I said it, yeah! Everybody go home!"

Low HP

"You think you can kill me?"


"All I need are these hands and this fire."

Match End

Match Win

  • "They're done? I was just getting started!"

  • "Ah, come on bruv! Like it was gonna happen any other way!"

  • "They're done! Who's up next?"

  • "And that's how it gets done!"

  • "Oh man I was just getting warmed up!"


"Okay we out! Gonna go crawl under some blankets now."


"Ayy! And we didn't even break the glass! Double win, baby!"

Match MVP

  • "They're done? I was just getting started!"

  • "Ah, come on bruv! Like it was gonna happen any other way!"

Runner up

  • "Okay I'm feelin' good about that."

  • "Next time I'm gettin' first place!"

  • "Hey that's not bad."

These are all the voice lines that Phoenix uses in different situations. Afolabi Alli has done a wonderful job by lending his voice to Phoenix, which adds a rather charming personality to his character.

So, the next time you play Valorant, do not forget to catch up with Phoenix and his quirky voice lines!

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