‘Return Of The King’: Forsen Makes a Return to Streaming After 10-Day Hiatus, Confirms He Had Covid


‘Return Of The King’: Forsen Makes a Return to Streaming After 10-Day Hiatus, Confirms He Had Covid

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Popular Twitch streamer Forsen has finally returned to streaming after taking a break around ten days ago, on 16th November 2023.
Forsen confirmed that he was dealing with COVID-19 due to he wasn't able to stream.

Sebastian ‘Forsen’ had been the talk of the town for over a week now due to his sudden absence from the popular streaming platform, Twitch. On 17th November 2023, Forsen announced on X that he would not be going live on Twitch because he wasn’t feeling well. Many fans were worried and started questioning his whereabouts. However, the king has finally returned to Twitch to stream PUBG. 

‘I had Corona’ – Forsen Reveals Why He Wasn’t Streaming

If you’re not familiar with the name, Forsen is a full-time Twitch streamer who is known for playing Hearthstone. He is one of the top streamers on the platform and has over a million followers. The community loves his reactions and has created several memes about him.

On 17th November, Forsen announced on X: ‘Im pretty sick, so no stream today.”. Many people thought that he had caught the flu or was suffering from some minor health issue. Some people even believed that Forsen had died. A few fans even jokingly held a memorial stream for him and created multiple Reddit Posts. 

However, after 10 days, Forsen returned to Twitch and revealed that he was dealing with COVID-19, due to which he wasn’t able to stream. 

Forsen said, “I’ve been very sick. I had corona. For the first time, I had corona.”

Many people jumped in and were happy to see the streamer back. However, some couldn’t believe that Forsen had escaped Corona during the peak of 2020 and 2021 only to get it in 2023; truly a Forsen moment. Many users also joked that the streamer had died and an A.I had made the original post.

Over his seven-year career as a full-time streamer, Forsen has gained popularity for his entertaining gameplay and unfiltered content; Twitch is not complete without him. We’re happy to see Forsen back to streaming and wish for his speedy recovery!

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