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Qiddiya Investment Company Announces Dragon Ball Theme Park

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Qiddiya Investment Company announced that it will be constructing the World’s first Dragon Ball theme park as part of its Qiddiya project.
Here's all we know about it so far.

On 22nd March, the world's first Dragon Ball Theme Park was announced for construction at Qiddiya City in Saudi Arabia. The Qiddiya Investment Company announced that it will be constructing this Dragon Ball theme park as part of its massive Qiddiya project. This will be one of the major attractions of Qiddiya, a planned entertainment and tourism megaproject in Riyadh, which is a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program.

Here's all we know about the Dragon Ball Theme Park.

Dragon Ball Theme Park Announced in Qiddiya

According to the official report, the Dragon Ball theme park will span a space of whopping 500,000 square meters and feature seven different areas that recreate various iconic locales from the original series. These include rides such as the Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus's Planet, among many others.

The release also stated that, at the park, visitors will be able to join an adventure with Goku and pals as they enjoy the world of Dragon Ball, from the very beginning of the anime all the way up through Dragon Ball Super.

The official Dragon Ball website said, "This theme park will feature five state-of-the-art rides as part of a lineup of 30+ attractions! And if that wasn't already exciting enough, construction of a 70 meter-high Shenron is also planned, with this landmark containing a large-scale roller coaster inside!"

Additionally, the theme part is also set to have fully stocked hotels and restaurants to allow fans and visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball for an entire day of fun.

You can watch the teaser for the world's only Dragon Ball theme park down below:

What Is the Qiddiya Project?

The Qiddiya project is part of a plan to increase local spending and diversify the Saudi economy under Saudi Vision 2030 and it is supported by the Public Investment Fund. According to the organizers, this will be "largest tourism destination worldwide."

It should be noted that the first phase of the project is planned to be completed by 2023. Earlier, Saudi Motorsport CEO Martin Whitaker revealed plans for a Formula One (F1) circuit, the Qiddiya Circuit, a billion-dollar project aligned with Saudi Arabia's 'Vision 2030', aiming to be more than just a race track but a hub for tourism and sports.

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