Possible Reasons Behind IShowSpeed’s Instagram Ban

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Possible Reasons Behind IShowSpeed’s Instagram Ban</p></div>
Possible Reasons Behind IShowSpeed’s Instagram Ban


IShowSpeed’s Instagram accounts have a follower count of over 14 million and 132K respectively.
At the time of writing, the creator’s two Instagram accounts have still not gone online, which leads to further speculations.
IShowSpeed recently made headlines for leaking Ninja’s private discord server.

Popular Vlogger, Streamer, YouTuber, and Gamer Darren Watkins Jr. aka IShowSpeed has loads of hilarious, high-energy content across social media which has made him a bit of an internet sensation over the last few years. After his initial success on Twitch, the streamer has moved to YouTube where he has amassed over 21 million followers and still continues to garner a substantial amount of followers across all platforms.

While numerous fans tried to access the vlogger’s Instagram page, many found that the page with 14 million followers suddenly disappeared. While trying to follow up on his burner account with 132k followers, it was further revealed that it was also removed from the site. This led to numerous fans making posts speculating the reasons behind this sudden ban. Without further ado, let’s delve into it.

IShowSpeed Has Previously Been Banned From Other Platforms 

Although several fans are shocked by his Instagram ban, this will not be the first ban for the influencer as he has faced multiple such situations with some of them being indefinite. Unfortunately, controversy is not new to this creator as he has previously been banned on Twitch, Valorant, TikTok Live, Roblox, and so on. 

While most of his bans have been due to violation of guidelines, some have been serious allegations like the one for Valorant where the clip shows IShowSpeed making questionable comments about a fellow female teammate. His ban on Twitch also comes from him making controversial statements on stream.

However, many fans believe that the ban on Instagram comes from his support of Palestine in the form of a post or a story, which gathered a lot of attention, leading to this action. Later in a Facebook post, Speed confirmed that the account was suspended due to the “ Free Palestine” story and that they are working on getting it back.

However, there have been no other announcements on his social media apart from this post. While many fans argued that Speed must have deactivated the accounts himself, this post proves them wrong. At the time of writing, IShowSpeed’s Instagram pages have still not gone online, although he was recently granted access to his Twitch again after his ban in December 2021.

Unfortunately, for Speed, this will not be his first appearance on the news this week as he already made headlines on 10th November for leaking Twitch Streamer Ninja’s private discord server which contained popular names like Drake, and Marshmello.

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