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<div class="paragraphs"><p>IShowSpeed aka Speed visits India and meets&nbsp;Daler Mehndi, MC Stan, and visit Orangutan Gaming HQ</p></div>
IShowSpeed aka Speed visits India and meets&nbsp;Daler Mehndi, MC Stan, and visit Orangutan Gaming HQ


YouTube sensation IShowSpeed visited India to watch the India vs Pakistan cricket World Cup match.
IShowSpeed's visit was filled with IRL streams, celebrity meet-ups and more.
Speed also paid a visit to Orangutan Gaming's HQ called 'The Forest' which is in Navi Mumbai.

YouTube sensation Darren "IShowSpeed" Watkins Jr visited India to witness his cricketing icon Virat Kohli in action during the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup between India and Pakistan. IShowSpeed arrived in India on 12th October and the streamer hosted IRL streams from the bustling and colorful streets of Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. He was joined by his cameraman and manager, Slipz.

Apart from attending the ODI World Cup match between India and Pakistan on 14th October, IShowSpeed also met many Indian celebrities and influencers including singer Daler Mehndi, rapper MC Stan, and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary Jay Shah.

Notably, the YouTuber also paid a visit to Orangutan Gaming's "The Forest" during his 'great Indian expedition.'

IShowSpeed Goes Viral in India

IShowSpeed arrived in Mumbai, India, and revealed that he's got some exciting plans during his stay. On one of the livestreams, Speed wore Team India's cricket jersey with Kohli's name on it and coupled it with a traditional dhoti.

IShowSpeed also played cricket with locals in Mumbai, taking social media by storm.

Apart from his usual entertaining streams, IShowSpeed also met some big names in India.

IShowSpeed Sings 'Tunak Tunak' with Daler Mehndi

For those who were first confused by IShowSpeed meeting Daler Mehndi, you should know that the 18-year-old streamer has played the song 'Tunak Tunak' multiple times on his stream.

Speed and Mehndi went to the sound studio where they sang and danced to the iconic 'Tunak Tunak' song. Speed noted that it was a dream come true to dance to “Tunak Tunak” with Mehndi and later the singer also gifted Speed with a T-shirt.

Speed Collaborates with MC Stan

Altaf Shaikh, widely known as MC Stan, is widely regarded as one of India's most known underground rappers. Speed, during his visit to India, collaborated with MC Stan.

During his stream from MC Stan's studio, IShowSpeed and Stan talked about rap music, video games, Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo, and more. Speed and Stan seemingly had a lot of fun and even attempted to rap together. Hilariously, in one of the instances, after Speed sang an entire verse, MC Stan revealed that he failed to record it.

Jay Shah Poses with IShowSpeed

Speed met Jay Shah during the ICC World Cup cricket match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad on Saturday. Speed attended the match with the dream of meeting Virat Kohli. But sadly, he could not meet the cricketer.

However, IShowSpeed had the opportunity to meet and interact with BCCI Secretary Jay Shah. During their friendly exchange, the duo posed for pictures and Shah even asked Speed to give him a thumbs up. Speed did not hesitate to record his love and admiration for Kohli, as he said, "Yes, sir, Virat Kohli is the GOAT, man!"

On his last day in India, IShowSpeed visited "The Forest" in Navi Mumbai, Orangutan Gaming's esports facility and streamed on YouTube, and this stream was filled with fun activities, giveaways, and even garba (Gujrati folk dance).

He also tried his hand at Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from Faraz "WizzGOD" Khan's account.

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