Pokémon Go Players Want the Ability to Delete Gifted 7 KM Eggs


Pokémon Go Players Want the Ability to Delete Gifted 7 KM Eggs

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One of the best things you can do in Pokémon Go is hatch eggs to get some of the game's rarest and most useful pocket monsters.
However, sometimes, hatching eggs can also be frustrating. Some trainers took to Reddit to ask developers for the option to delete gifted 7 KM eggs.

There's no doubt that hatching eggs in Pokémon Go is one of the most sought-after grinds, as it gives players a better chance of obtaining Pokémon with the best stats for PvE and PvP battles in the game. However, sometimes, the egg-hatching grind can prove to be frustrating rather than a fun task to complete. On the Pokémon Go's official subreddit, one player shared their frustrations with gifted 7 KM eggs and asked developers to give players the ability to delete them.

Pokémon Go Players Are Frustrated With 7 KM Eggs

Pokémon Eggs are one of the most iconic aspects of Pokemon Go. The eggs come in five different rarities and have a chance of hatching various pocket monsters, some rarer than others. However, to hatch these eggs, trainers must walk a certain number of kilometers, depending on the egg's rarity. This means hatching eggs requires a lot of work, and trainers expect to be rewarded accordingly.

However, a lot of trainers in the community are complaining about the gifted 7 KM eggs specifically, stating they're not worth doing in the current state and want the option to delete them.

In a Reddit post, one player shared their frustration with the gifted 7 KM eggs in the game and asked for the ability to delete them. The player said, "I don't want any more Meowths, and I never get to spin eggs from PokeStops because my darn egg inventory is constantly filled from opening gifts.

Many players in the Subreddit agreed with the poster's frustrations, and one person said, "I agree, it's so frustrating as a rural player living far away from pokestops. It becomes such a project if I want to stock up on non-7 km eggs. Unless I first stock up on balls, I need to do a lot of walking without catching." 

A lot of players pushed for the feature to delete eggs, with one of them saying: "I'd love to be able to toss eggs. Egg events are basically unplayable unless you buy incubators because by the time you clear out the old eggs, the event is over."

A section of the Pokémon Go community has a serious problem with the egg system in the game. With so much time being spent hatching these eggs, players want more of a reward than they're currently getting and a way to delete eggs that they do not desire. 

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