Pokémon Go Players Call for Enamorus Raid Day Creators to Be Fired


Pokémon Go Players Call for Enamorus Raid Day Creators to Be Fired

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Enamorus Incarnate debuted in Pokémon Go Elite Raids on 14th February 2024, but trainers are incredibly frustrated with how Niantic handled the event.
Some players who could not catch the Pokemon or participate in the event have called out for the creators of Enamorus Raid Day to be fired.

It's the month of love, and Niantic introduced its Valentine's update in Pokémon Go on 14th February 2024, bringing Enamorus’s Incarnate form to the game. However, instead of being able to get it through the game's Research Tasks, players were tasked to defeat and catch it in tricky Elite Raids. While the raids were tough enough, players also had to contend with a shorter time limit, as Enamorus was only available in Raids for a single day. Players slammed Niantic for Elite Raid times, highlighting how they'll not be able to participate in the event and completely miss out on the Legendary Pokémon. One trainer has called out for the creator of these Elite Raids to be fired and brought other issues with Enamorus Raids.

Pokémon Go Players Are Frustrated With Enamorus Elite Raids

Pokemon Go Enamorus Elite Raid Day occurred on 14th February, with the pocket monster's Incarnate Form finally debuting in-game. However, what was intended to be an exciting addition turned out to be a point of contention due to restricted accessibility and the short window available to capture this Legendary Pokemon.

In a Reddit post, one player shared their frustration with Enamorus Raids: "Whoever made the Enamorus Raids needs to be fired." The player stated that it was "f*cking unbelievable".

 "I had to get 2 of my friends, my wife, my mom, my sister, and my mom's friend to all go on a 40-minute drive through town to find ONE raid DURING WORK HOURS and completed it with less than 50 seconds left on the clock." Even after doing all of this, some players with them were not able to catch Enamorus.

Many other trainers shared their views on the event: "I couldn't participate either. There were 3 gyms around me with the raids. I was sat in a lecture, not close enough to any of the gyms to even interact with them. Making such a ridiculous set of requirements for a raid, and putting it in the middle of work hours on Valentine's Day was a stupid decision on Ninatic's part."

Another player said, "It is stupid to have a 1 day only event on a Wednesday, that's local only, be a 5 star raid with 55k cp where most can't solo AND having all of them go off at different times at limited locations. They legit gotta realize that their player base aren't athletic retired people living in cities with hundreds of gyms surrounding them with other athletic retirees ready to run to the gym who has Enamorus."

Some players were frustrated with Niantic's lack of response on the issue and one of them said: "Unfortunately, no amount of complaining, whether direct or indirect, is gonna change how Niantic does things from their end. Their Community teams are not the most receptive nor the most compromising when it comes to public relations."

Feedback from the Pokémon Go community has made it clear they're not happy with how things happened on Enamorus Raid Day. The necessity to travel significant distances to participate in the Elite Raids added to the frustration; endeavoring felt more like a chore than a fun experience. Coupled with reduced catch rates and no option to Remote Raid, the Elite Raid system has left many players questioning its value and labeling it a complete waste of time. 

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