Pokémon Go Players Are Frustrated with Unresolved Sinnoh Tour Problems


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Pokémon Go Players Are Frustrated With Unresolved Sinnoh Tour Problems

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Pokémon Go fans are frustrated with Niantic and have called out developers for 'unresolved' Sinnoh Tour problems.
However, Niantic has yet to acknowledge these complaints and hasn't compensated players who faced these issues during the Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour event.

Pokémon Go fans across the globe recently traveled to LA to celebrate the Sinnoh Tour event ahead of the Global version this weekend. While the event offered some incredible Pokémon, some trainers didn't have the smoothest experience. On r/TheSilphRoad, some players have slammed Niantic and claimed that many issues with the Sinnoh Tour still haven't been resolved.

Pokémon Go Players List Unresolved Issues From Sinnoh Tour

Pokémon Go's Sinnoh Tour 2024 event focused on Generation 4 and included encounters for Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia. The event was split into two unique events, the paid, in-person Los Angeles portion and the Global portion, which players can access this weekend. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles event didn't go smoothly for many players. 

In a Reddit post titled "List of Unresolved LA Sinnoh Tour issues," one player shared their frustration with the Sinnoh Tour event and laid out all the issues Niantic has yet to address. The unresolved Sinnoh Tour issues included early event raiders not getting bonus XL candy, players not being able to unlock bonus Rotom Research, and routes being switched off on Saturday. While many of these issues were rectified the day after the event, the trainer claimed that Niantic offered no compensation or acknowledgment for these issues. 

The in-person Los Angeles event was a paid one, so players felt strongly about issues. They complained about other issues as well: "The eggthusiast addon being broken (I received almost entirely 2km eggs) made using it for grinding stardust as I'd hoped pretty much impossible. Money wasted. Wasn't going to burn incubators on endless 2km eggs.

Niantic seem to have not even acknowledged it even though compensation must be due here."

Some players even tried contacting Niantic's support but felt that they weren't compensated in the right manner "I messaged support and they gave me 1 premium pass for the raid issue Friday (lol, I essentially wasted 15 passes) and they did give me the 2nd rotom quest as well. No routes was just dumb"

Feedback from the community has made it clear that players are not happy with how things went with Sinnoh Tour 2024. It's unknown if Niantic will ever acknowledge these problems or offer worthy compensation for players. 

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