Pokémon Go Party Play: What Is It? Leaked Info & More


Pokémon Go Party Play: What Is It? Leaked Info & More

All We Know So Far about Pokémon Go Party Play

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Pokémon Go stirred the Pokémon Go fandom, confirming a new feature that fans are calling a ‘Party Play.’
While not much is known about the feature, major data miners have scraped several resources to offer a few details.
To know more about the Pokémon Go Party Play, keep an eye out for future updates on the social media handles of Pokémon Go.

A recent tweet by Pokémon Go has sent the fans of the Pokéverse into a frenzy. It seems like the much-awaited Party mode will soon be available for players to enjoy in the game. While earlier, interactions with other players were limited to sending gifts or sharing or trading cards, it now seems like players will be able to engage with each other in many different ways.

Party play in Pokémon Go is essentially a feature where players can form parties and explore the dense Pokémon world together. This can benefit players in many ways, including bonuses for grouped players as well as increased efficiency while catching Pokémon. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what the Pokémon Go Party Play is all about and what data miners are saying. 

What Is Pokémon Go Party Play?

First on 11th October, Pokémon Go decided to tease fans with a simple in-game image with the title ‘#GOStartTheParty’. Fans were immediately ready to connect this hashtag with the Party Play mode that they now believe is on its way. 

This feature is believed to have been in the pipeline for a long time and it seems like it is finally coming to life. Party Play is speculated to add a flair of variety to the game, fostering community relationships as well as giving players a chance to enjoy the game together. So, your long awaited dream to go on a Pokémon hunt with your friends is now most likely coming true.

However, the very next day Pokémon Go shared another tweet, confirming our suspicions regarding the new feature. It is only a matter of time now before trainers can collaborate and take over the Pokéverse.

The video features silhouettes of four players, indicating that this is a feature that brings up to four people together.

Leaked Info on Pokémon Go Party Play

In their excitement to learn more about the Pokémon Party Play, many data miners decided to dig a little deeper. The given information has not been corroborated by official sources and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. This is what we know so far:

  1. A single party in Pokémon Go will consist of four trainers. 

  2. Players can create parties and go on hunts together to earn bonuses and additional rewards. 

  3. In order to join a party, players must be in close proximity to each other. Alternatively, they can join a party through a code or by scanning a QR code. 

  4. The game will allow you to make privacy changes and decide whether you want your name and avatar shared on the overworld map. 

  5. You can also discover other players on the overworld map and be a part of their parties. 

  6. There is something called Party Power in the game which can be obtained using Fast Attacks when you are in a party. This feature augments the damage of your next charged attack. 

  7. Being part of a party also makes you eligible for Party Challenges where you can earn rewards. 

As we stated previously, this information is not official and is only what the data miners have revealed. However, many have already found parallels to this in games like Monster Hunter and Pikmin, saying that they carry the same party features. 

We also don’t have an official date of release as of now, but we are pretty sure that the feature is coming soon and is ready to fuel the gaming experience. So, keep an eye out for new updates on the official Pokémon Go Twitter page

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