Pokémon Go Party Play Feature Coming Soon

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Pokémon Go Party Play Feature Coming Soon


Pokémon Go has officially revealed Party Play, a brand-new feature which engages players in a cooperative play experience.
Here's everything you need to know about the Pokémon Go Party Play feature and when it comes out.

Looks like Niantic is all set to release the ability to party up and explore alongside your friends in Pokémon Go. 

Even though we’ve seen Pokémon Go having a troublesome season earlier this year with bugged features and price hikes, Niantic assures players they’re working hard on brand-new features, and we’re finally getting them. A new tweet by the official Pokémon Go account has sparked joy among trainers as it teases the arrival of Party Play. This new feature allows players to form parties and train together! Here’s everything you need to know about Party Play in Pokémon Go.  

Pokémon Go Reveals Party Play Feature

Party Play has been one of the longest-running rumors in the Pokémon Go community, and the developer’s latest post unveiled the feature. 

Although not many details have been officially released, we have a fair bit of early details about the Party Play feature thanks to data miners. 

According to data miners, Party Play will let trainers create parties of up to four players in Pokémon Go. This gives them the chance to unlock special bonuses and work for unique rewards while playing together. Of course, you’ll need to be near the party members to play together, which means we’re not going to see a Remote Party Play Feature, at least for now.

While we still don’t have confirmation for what bonuses and rewards players can get with this new feature, there’s obviously going to be a special focus on Raids Routes. Players will be able to get Party Power with the help of Fast Moves.

Players who are in a party can increase the damage of Charged Moves. Additionally, there will be different challenges for party players to complete and earn rewards. 

Many players believe that Party Play will take elements from other Niantic games, like Monster Hunter Now and Pikmin Bloom. 

Pokémon Go Party Play Release Date

Trainers are eagerly waiting for the launch of Party Play. Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmed release date or rollout plan, but we can expect the feature to launch during the Adventures Abound Season. 

Now that trainers finally know Party Play is real and coming soon, it’s only a matter of time before Niantic releases more information about the new co-op feature. Until then, be sure to follow us as we’ll update you on the latest Pokémon Go news, updates, and guides.   

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