Pokémon Go Harvest Festival: Event Date, Challenges, Bonuses Explained


Pokémon Go Harvest Festival: Event Date, Challenges, Bonuses Explained

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Welcoming October is the special Pokémon Go Harvest Festival. The game has a lot in store for the trainees.
New Pokémon, rewards, and XP await your arrival. We have compiled a detailed guide about the event that will help you prepare for it.

To welcome the changing season, Pokémon Go is hosting an exciting festival that promises bountiful bonuses and more. The event is called the Harvest Festival and will take place between 12th October and 17th October 2023. Trainers have been asked to keep an eye out for grass-type Pokémon, but the show stealer is certainly the debut of the Smoliv family. 

The news has sent Pokémon Go fans into a frenzy as they prepare to dive headfirst into this treat. The Pokémon Go Harvest Festival promises a range of bonuses and surprises to players. Here is everything we know about the festival so far. 

Pokémon Go Harvest Festival: Event Date, Time & Other Details

The festival will begin at 10 am local time on 12th October 2023 and end at 8:00 pm local time on 17th October 2023. This worldwide event aims to unite all Pokémon fans under the umbrella of the joy of the seasonal shift as we welcome winter. 

Fans are more excited than ever to participate in this special Pokémon Go event as there is so much to enjoy and savor. Let us take a look at everything that the festival has to offer, starting with the Pokémon line up for this event:

Featured Pokémon in Harvest Festival Event

The following Pokémon will appear in the wild more frequently during the event:

  • Bellsprout

  • Exeggcute

  • Sunkern

  • Wurmple

  • Combee

  • Sewaddle

  • Cottonee

  • Petilil

  • Flabebe (Red) - Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Flabebe (Blue) - Asia-Pacific Region

  • Flabebe (Yellow) - Americas

  • Pumpkaboo

  • Bounsweet

  • Smoliv 

Smoliv's Debut 

The all-new grass-type Pokémon Smoliv is set to make its debut during this festival. Consequently, you will also be able to find the Smoliv Candy to evolve this beauty. Its successors are Dolliv and Arboliva. 


To evolve Smoliv, you need:

  • 25 Smoliv Candy to evolve Smoliv into Dolliv. 

  • 100 Smoliv Candy to evolve Dolliv into Arboliva.

Harvest Festival–themed Field Research

Upon completion of the Harvest Festival–themed Field Research, players will be able to unlock the following Pokémon:

  • Burmy (Plant)

  • Burmy (Sandy)

  • Burmy (Trash)

  • Pumpkaboo

  • Smoliv 

Ticket of Treats Paid Research

Pokémon Go certainly has not forgotten Halloween. It is offering players an event-exclusive paid Timed Research, which is part of the in-game Tickets of Treats event. Players can purchase the Ticket of Treats from the in-game shop for $5 USD. 

Ticket of Treats Paid Research

Completing the research tasks will grant you access to encounters with Pumpkaboo as well as a Mossy Lure Module. However, please note that this research is event-exclusive and the tasks will expire on 31st October at 8 pm local time. So, complete your tasks before that and claim your rewards. 

Other Exciting Bonuses

Pokémon Go is also offering players event collection challenges as well as Pokestops during the festival. Players who complete the Harvest Festival Collection Challenge will receive XP, Stardust, and Mossy Lure Modules. 

The Harvest Festival Pokestop at select Showcase locations will allow you to encounter and potentially capture Pokémon like Smoliv, Pumpkaboo, or Gourgeist. 

The following infographic sums up everything about the event.

 Pokémon Go infographic

Trainees will also be able to purchase and gift tickets to their Pokémon Go friends with a friendship level of Great Friends or higher. So, get ready to enter the world of Pokémon Go as this exciting event unfolds. 

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