Pokémon Go Community Demands Niantic For This Feature After FleeceKing’s Account Gets Hacked


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Pokémon Go Community Demands Niantic For This Feature After FleeceKing’s Account Gets Hacked

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With Pokémon Go's most famous trainer, Fleeceking, losing all his rare Pokémon to hacking, a lot of players in the community are worried that they might suffer the same fate.
Players in the community are demanding Niantic introduce a 'lock' feature to prevent hacks and transfer of rare pocket monsters.

There's no doubt Pokémon Go players are quite vocal about the changes they want to see introduced in the game. In the past, passionate players have called out Niantic for many game issues. However, after famous trainer FleeceKing was hacked and all his Pokémon were deleted, the entire community was shocked and afraid. One player took it to r/TheSilphRoad and demanded a "lock" feature to be added to the game to prevent these sorts of hacks and secure player's accounts.

Pokémon Go Players Want Better Protection For Their Pokémon 

If you're not familiar with the whole situation, one of the most popular Pokémon Go players, FleeceKing, was hacked, and all his Pokémon were deleted. Since this attack, many players have begun to fear for their accounts, afraid of losing all the shundos, hundos, and items they’ve collected over the years. 

In a Reddit post titled "Give us an option to "lock" pokemon," Pokémon Go trainer PrestyRS demanded Niantic to give players an option to lock a Pokémon once it's been maxed out so it's impossible to transfer or purify it. 

"Once you fully max out a Pokemon, give us an option to "lock" it, so that it's impossible to transfer or purify. Or if you haven't fully maxed it out yet, give us an item in the store that makes it so you can lock it with pokecoins. When you try to transfer it, it just won't let you, similar to mythical Pokemon. That way Pokemon getting transfered won't happen again in the future. I've thought of this idea for a very long time, but seeing what happened today with Fleeceking made me want to make an actual suggestion for it."

Many players in the community agreed with PrestyRS's demand, "I totally agree. A simple button that would remove the powerup button and the purify button and not allowed to transfer it either. It becomes a new tag on top of the by-default favorites tab."

Another player added, "They could just implement this as part of the favorite button. If you want to make any changes at all, unfavorite, make changes, favorite again. Quick and easy. All favorite Pokemon can't be purified, powered up, have moves TMed, evolved, traded or transferred. A lock would be a better implementation but if it's easier to do the favorite version, I'd rather have something asap rather than wait who knows how long."

Some trainers also suggested adding 2FA in the game: "Obviously, it won't stop hackers, but favoriting a Pokemon will make it untransferable. I don't really care for the idea of monetizing this, and password-protecting doesn't help if you're hacked. Maybe 2FA?"

Although players have a clear difference of opinion on how this feature should be implemented, they agree that some sort of change needs to happen. A lot of players wonder if Niantic will ever introduce such a feature, given their track record of not working on making changes to existing features in the game.  

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