Pokemon GO World Championships Celebration Event Will Offer Several In-Game Rewards

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Pokemon Go World Championship Celebration Event Will Offer Several In-Game Rewards</p></div>
Pokemon Go World Championship Celebration Event Will Offer Several In-Game Rewards


The celebration event for the Pokemon GO World Championships will offer several in-game rewards and bonuses between the 11th and 15th August.
The event also features the addition of Passimian and a Pikachu sporting a World Championships 2023 T-shirt

The Pokemon World Championship is all set to take place from 11th to 13th August in Yokohama, Japan. The event gathers top Pokemon GO players from around the world to see who will compete and ultimately be crowned as the 2023 Pokemon GO World Champion.

Apart from the tournament, Niantic will also host an online celebration event for Pokemon fans worldwide. The event will bring several goodies and in-game items including the introduction of Passimian to Pokemon GO, along with a costumed Pikachu sporting the 2023 Worlds T-shirt. Let's dive right in and take a look at all of these rewards.

Pokemon GO Celebration Event

The celebration event will happen from 11th to 15th August featuring event bonuses such as:

  • The maximum number of sets you can play per day in the GO Battle League will go up from 5 to 10.

  • Pokémon encountered via GO Battle League rewards will have a wider variance of Attack, Defense, and HP.

Timed Research

There will be a World Championships-themed Timed research available on all five days rewarding players with an Elite fast Technical Machine and an encounter with the World Championships-themed Pikachu

Wild Encounters

Here’s a list of all the Pokemon you will come across in the wild:

  • Machop

  • Chinchou

  • Wooper

  • Sableye

  • Meditite

  • Spheal

  • Dribur

  • Scraggy

  • Bunnelby

  • Wooloo

If you are lucky, you might encounter Onix and Lickitung along with a Shiny Scraggy


You will also find several Pokemon during your raids:

One-Star Raids

  • World Championships Pikachu

  •  Alolan Sandhrew

  • Gligar

  • Scraggy

Three-Star Raids

  • Skarmory

  • Galarian Stunfisk

  • Passimian

You will also stumble upon Cresselia during your five-star raids and Mega Gyarados during the mega raids.

Field Research Encounters and Featured Attacks

You will also come across several Pokemon upon completing your Field Research Tasks which can be evolved and feature a whole list of attacks:

  • World Championships Pikachu

  • Alolan Sandshrew: Evolves into Alolan Sandlash to know Fast Attack Shadow Claw

  • Seel: evolves into Dewgong that knows Fast Attack Ice Shard and Charged Attack Icy Wind

  • Magikarp

  • Galarian Zigzagoon: evolves into Obstagoon to know Charged Attack Obstruct

  • Spheal

  • Passimian 

  • Wimpod

Here’s more attacks based on Pokemon that are already present in the game:

  • Machoke can be evolved into Machamp to know Charged Attack Payback

  • Sealo evolves into Walrein to know Fast Attack Powder Snow and Charged Attack Icicle Spear

Worlds Tee
Worlds jacket and Jersey

Players can also obtain a free 2023 Worlds T-shirt in Gray for their in-game avatar. There is also a Yellow Worlds Tee that will unlock via a code that will be displayed during the official stream. Furthermore, you can also purchase a 2023 Worlds Jacket and a Jersey from your in-game shop starting from 11th August.

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