How to Get Meteorite and Evolve Your Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Get Meteorite and Evolve Your Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO</p></div>
How to Get Meteorite and Evolve Your Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO


Meteorite is a unique item introduced as part of the Pokemon GO Fest that is necessary to evolve your legendary Rayquaza.
The Mega Rayquaza raid is available on 27th August as part of the Pokemon GO Fest: Global event.

Pokemon GO recently unveiled the latest Pokemon GO Fest that started on 4th August and will continue until the end of the month. The event brings a whole set of new challenges and rewards that players can acquire. The offline event is taking place in three different cities; London, New York, and Osaka, while the global event will occur on the 26th and 27th August. The event’s main highlight is the legendary sky-high Pokemon called the Mega Rayquaza. Unlike all the other mega-evolutions present in the game, the Rayquaza requires a unique item called meteorite (possibly along with a few candies) to mega-evolve itself. In this article, we will take a look at how to acquire meteorite along with how to mega-evolve your Rayquaza.

How to Obtain Meteorite in Pokemon GO

As mentioned above, Meteorites are unique items that will help you evolve your Rayquaza. There are several requirements that trainers need to fulfill in order to obtain meteorite. Players need to keep in mind that there are specific event hours that will give you access to this item. If they log into Pokemon GO during these event hours, they will go through a short research story. Upon completing these research tasks, they will gain access to meteorite.

How to Evolve Your Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

How to Evolve Your Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Rayquaza is a legendary flying and dragon-type Pokemon that parades around the ozone layer, consuming meteorites to sustain itself. Because of its class, it is pretty weak to ice-type moves, which means trainers must use ice-type Pokemon to counter it during their raids. 

In order to capture and mega-evolve the Rayquaza, players need to teach it a legacy move called Dragon Ascent which can only be learned by collecting meteorite. Upon doing so you will now need mega energy which can be acquired through the Mega Rayquaza raids to complete the evolution and add the legendary Pokemon to your inventory.

Mega Rayquaza’s Stats:

  • Max CP: 6827

  • HP: 233

  • Attack: 389

  • Defense: 216

Since the Rayquaza can only be obtained upon completing five-star raids, we recommend trainers to party up and use other legendary Pokemon to battle it.

The Rayquaza also has a Shiny that sports an alluring gray and yellow pattern rather than its traditional green and orange shade. Although the Shiny can also be evolved into a Mega Rayquaza, players might find it quite challenging to do so.

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