Overdesigned Mission in Starfield Explained in Simple Steps



Overdesigned Mission in Starfield Explained in Simple Steps

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The Overdesigned side quest doesn’t put your life at stake. It provides a much-needed relief from the life-threatening adventures that Starfield usually offers.
Making the right decisions plays an important role in this quest.
In this article, we’ll guide you through the Overdesigned side quest in Starfield.

The stakes aren’t as high as many other intense missions in Starfield in the Overdesigned Mission, but it does provide a well-deserved, brief departure from the quests that rely on theft and violence. This short quest line takes place after the completion of the ‘All That Money Can’t Buy’ mission. A member of the Constellation named Walter Stroud will now assign you your next side quest: Overdesigned. 

The mission revolves around designing a ship and in this, being right is more important than being creative. That is because the rewards that follow the quest rely on your decisions. In this quest, the Stroud-Ecklund project team’s creative ship hits a roadblock, and it is your turn to input all ideas and make an informed decision regarding this. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the Overdesigned side quest and help you make the most of it in order to get your hands on the best rewards. 

Overdesigned Side Quest Walkthrough 

1. Speaking with Jules

Speaking with Jules


Despite Jules’ passive-aggressive introduction, she’ll introduce you to the first set of issues that the team is facing: budgeting issues and unfinished market research. The budgeting issue can be resolved if the team is able to extract grants from the board. Jules will explain two proposals. One of the proposal is the sensible one and the other is the ‘kitchen sink’ proposal. 

You can either follow up with questions, get more clarity on the team’s thought process, or select the better of the two options. However, each option will definitely entail a different direction in the storyline. It won’t be easy to convince Jules to expand the budget and she might need some convincing. To do this, you can spend some Persuasion points. 

2. Knowing the team

Knowing the team


The next step to getting your "unwelcoming" teammates to like you by interacting with them. While they may have judged you too quickly in the beginning, taking their feedback and talking to them might melt away some of that rigidity. So, you can exchange ideas with them and discuss their proposals more freely. 

3. Conducting Market Research

The next step is to conduct market research for the team. While there are plenty of missions on the mission board, players really need to do just two: The bounty mission and the passenger mission. These missions are generated at random and are easy to tackle. If you wish to earn extra credit, you can also go on more than two missions. But in a normal scenario, two missions are sufficient. 

4. Choosing a Design for the Starship

After completing the missions, you can return to Jules and let her appreciate your hard work as she awkwardly pushes you to the next step, which is choosing the right design for the starship. 

Opting for a smaller budget means choosing Kepler S. On the other hand, an over-the-board budget means going for Kepler R. It is not easy to determine which ship is better since the decision ultimately lies with the players. If you encourage a laid-back approach and are ready to compromise with the team, then Kepler S is the right choice. 

However, if you want a ship that also intimidates enemies with its looks, then surely splurging wouldn’t cause much harm. Kepler R is your choice. Players who take a more ecstatic approach and hype the team may choose this design. 

At the end of the day, the decision is completely in your hands. There may be slight discrepancies due to budgeting differences. But making a decision will conclude the Overdesigned side quest, helping you earn rewards based on the decisions you've actively made.

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