Niantic Teases Pokémon Go World of Wonders Season With Ultra Beasts


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Niantic Teases Pokémon Go World of Wonders Season With Ultra Beasts

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Niantic has officially revealed the next season of Pokémon Go called "World of Wonders."
The brand-new season will begin on 1 March 2024 and run until 1 June 2024, bringing various new Pokémon into the game.

There’s no doubt that Pokémon Go celebrated some incredible events during the Timeless Travels season. However, it’s now time for the community to move on to the next era of Pokémon Go. Just a day after the end of the Sinnoh Tour 2024, Niantic unveiled the next season for Pokémon Go called "World of Wonders” and shared a brief teaser video.

Niantic Reveals World of Wonders Season For Pokémon GO

On 26th February, Niantic posted the first teaser for the World of Wonders season on the official Pokémon Go X account. The 15-second clip opens with a Nidoran male and then a sky full of Pokémon from the Kanto. A wormhole comes in a few seconds later, and the teaser ends with the title card and dates for the season. The World of Wonders season will begin on 1st March 2024 and run until 1st June 2024. This is the same three-month schedule that we’ve seen with previous Pokémon Go seasons. 

Outside of these brief glimpses, we don’t know anything much about what could appear in the Pokémon Go between March and June in this new season of content. However, as the current season draws to an end, we won’t have to wait long to get more information and announcements for World of Wonders season from Niantic and The Pokémon Company. 

What’s Coming in Pokémon Go World of Wonders Season?

As Niantic has only revealed a small teaser for the upcoming season, we still don’t have many details about what’s coming to Pokémon Go. Leaks from December 2023 teased the Ultra Beasts Blacephalon and Stakataka , and the teaser video also hinted that new Ultra Beasts were coming to World of Wonders season. These Ultra Beasts were version exclusives and additions to the roster for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and they have yet to debut in Pokémon Go. They’re most likely to be 5 star raids for their debut. 

Niantic’s teaser also showed many Gen 1 Pokémon, but trainers expect many debuts from other Gens for the upcoming season. We saw Paldean Pokemon’s debut in the game two seasons ago, and trainers are still asking Niantic for more Galarian mons. However, there are still many missing species in almost every Gen.

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