New PS5 Pro Specs Leaks Reveal 45% Performance Uplift and Holiday 2024 Release



New PS5 Pro Specs Leaks Reveal 45% Performance Uplift and Holiday 2024 Release

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) rumors are back, and it's believed that Sony will refresh the console sometime this year.
Tech YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead has presented brand-new Sony documents, revealing the specs for the upcoming PS5 Pro model.

It’s time to start saving up PlayStation fans, as it seems like a brand-new Sony Gaming console is on its way this year. Sony is reportedly working on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pro Model, which is set to launch this year during the holiday season. The specifications for the upcoming PS5 Pro have been leaked online, courtesy of YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, claiming the upcoming Pro model is 45% faster than the current PS5 base models

Leaks Confirm PS5 Pro Specs and Significant Performance Boost

Tech YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead uploaded a video on 14 March 2024 showing documents he claimed were from within Sony. According to the leaked documents, the PS5 Pro is codenamed “Trinity” and packs a serious punch. 

The leaks claim that PS5 Pro renders a performance 45% faster than the current base consoles, with ray tracing speeds being 2x-4x faster. The Pro model is supposed to come with a custom-learning architecture called “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution .”According to the leaked documents, this in-house upscale by Sony will change a game’s existing temporal anti-aliasing. Basically, the tech will try its best to get every bit of resolution out of a game to get you the best possible visuals, with support starting at 4K but reaching 8K and higher capacities. 

That’s not all, leaks also suggest that the PS5 Pro will have 33.5 teraflops of processing power, which is three times the Xbox Series X. The base PS5 model only has 10.3 teraflops, which means when PS5 launches, will steal the Xbox Series X title, as the “world’s most powerful console.”

Although Moore's Law is Dead hasn't proved to be a reliable source when it comes to tech and gaming, Tom Henderson is a trusted source. He mentions that the leaks are real, making it certain that the PS5 pro model, with an incredible spec jump, is not that far away.

The upcoming PS5 Pro will be more powerful than the PS5, with a significant boost in graphics and ray tracing capabilities, allowing players to experience upcoming titles such as GTA 6 even better. 

PS5 Pro Expected Release Date

On top of the leaked specs, rumors suggest that Sony is targeting a Holiday 2024 release for the upcoming PS5 Pro. This fits, as PS5 was launched in November 2020, and PS4 Pro also went on sale in November 2016. However, this could date shift due to the lack of PS5 exclusives lined up for release over the year. The leaks also don’t provide any details on the price of the PS5 Pro.

As always, it's crucial to take these leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. Although multiple sources suggest the leaks are legitimate, they are still pre-release documents. Things can change, and sometimes, even forgeries can happen. However, if things go according to plan, it’s not looking good for Microsoft’s Xbox. 

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