Fortnite x Stephen A. Smith: Popular NBA Analyst Demands Epic Games For His Own Fortnite Skin


Stephen A. Smith

Fortnite x Stephen A. Smith: Popular NBA Analyst Demands Epic Games For His Own Fortnite Skin

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Famous NBA analyst and TV personality Stephen A. Smith has asked Epic Games for his own Fortnite skin.
Stephen. A Smith shared an AI concept image of his Fortnite skin, and fans are excited to see this crossover make it to the battle royale game.

There's no doubt that Fortnite has seen its fair share of exciting collaborations, not just bringing fictional characters but real-life celebrities and musicians. We've seen big names such as The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and LeBron James getting iconic Fortnite skins, which fans have appreciated. However, one of the most unexpected ideas for a crossover that has come up in the Fortnite community is a skin for Stephen A. Smith, a famous NBA analyst and TV star, and he wants it to become a reality.

Stephen A. Smith Wants His Own Fortnite Skin

The idea of a Fortnite x Stephen A. Smith collaboration came up when @TheCasno asked a question about the TV star getting his own skin in Fortnite. This resulted in a response from Stephen A. Smith himself, sharing an image of the AI concept of his Fortnite skin and asking the official X handle of the game, “When are we going to make this happen?”

The surprising yet hilarious collaboration idea has gained the attention of the community, with many players giving their take on how the collaboration would look. Players also wondered what the experience would be like going against the NBA analyst in the battle. Meanwhile, others proposed cosmetics that could go well with the crossover. This includes an alternative style for Stephen A. Smith's skin, referencing his iconic cowboy hat look. 

One user said, “Man, if I get clapped by a Stephen a or a pat mcafee skin, I’m breaking my tv.” 

Another user said, “Lol, it would be badass to play with stephen a on fortnite, and i dont even play fortnite like that lmao.”

A third user said, “nah, because getting emoted on by Stephen A will turn me into an entirely different villain.”

While the Fortnite x Stephen A. Smith collaboration seems hilarious and impossible to happen, it’s crucial to remember we’re talking about Epic Games. The developer has collaborated with the most unimaginable franchises in Fortnite, and a Stephen A. Smith collaboration isn’t that off-limits. 

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