New Lethal Company Mod Terrifies Players Whenever They Try to Open Gifts


New Lethal Company Mod Terrifies Players Whenever They Try to Open Gifts

Surya Kumar
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There is a new Lethal Company mod that adds a five percent chance of spawning horrifying creatures upon opening a gift box.
Aptly named LethalPresents, this mod can be installed through the ThunderStone mod manager.

Lethal Company is assured to give you plenty of jumpscares but this new mod takes it up a notch, truly terrifying many gamers on their playthroughs. While most haunting moments can be anticipated, this modifier seeks to surprise you in the form of Gift Boxes that reward you with in-game items. It turns every box you receive into an unexpected game of life and death, which has gathered the attention of numerous gamers. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at this mod!

Lethal Company Mod Spawns Horrifying Enemies in Gift Boxes

This new mod increases the ante by adding a five percent chance that hostile monsters will spawn when opening a gift box. Given its appeal, clips of it emerged on the Lethal Company Subreddit and one of the most famous ones among them definitely terrified the player.

If you are wondering if that is a gigantic Forest Giant, yes you are right. This strange yet hilarious mod aptly named LethalPresents was met with a lot of positive responses from the community. It was created back in December by a ThunderStone user, which is a mod-manager platform for the game. If you wish to try this out yourself, you can do that by visiting the mod page via the ThunderStone app, installing it, and then launching the game through the storefront.

However, before you go through this process, you will also need to install the BepInEx pack and the Evaisa-HookGenPatcher. While the former is essential for all Lethal Company mods the latter does come in handy to try out specific mods. Thankfully, both of these files can be acquired through the ThunderStone mod manager.

While developer Zeekerss is actively working on bringing in new content and updating the game, the modding community is also as popular as ever for Lethal Company. With the increasing number of content, we can expect to see many more mods making their way into the game soon.

The LethalPresents mod is surely the one to try if you live living over the edge and you like giving yourself jumpscares for some reason. At the time of writing, over 547,000 gamers have downloaded it so far, giving you an idea of its popularity. You can get your hands on this game both on Steam and on Android devices with the latter being absolutely free-to-play.

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