Here's How You Download Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company


Here's How You Download Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company

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If you want to make your Lethal Company co-op session even more terrifying, there's one addition that you don't want to miss out on: Skinwalkers Mod.
In this article, we'll give you a complete guide on using and downloading Skinwalkers mod in Lethal Company.

Developed by Zeekerss, Lethal Company is a co-op survival horror game. While the game may not seem like much, fans love it and its gruesome aesthetic. It has become one of the top-rated games for Steam for 2023.

The base game comes with all sorts of horrors and offers endless replayability. However, the modding community has stepped in again and developed awesome mods to spice up the gameplay. Whether you're playing solo or with a crew, the Skinwalker can make your gaming experience even more wicked. Without further ado, let's take a look at how you can use and download Skinwalker Mod in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: What is Skinwalkers Mod?

The Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company is a mimicry mod that allows monsters in the game to record the voices of all employees in the facility and play them at random times. It's one of the most terrifying mods for the game. It doesn't have any AI integrated into it and works without it. 

Developed by RugbugRedfern, it's a fully customizable mod that allows players to choose which monsters they want to allow to mimic their voices. You can even enable and disable the monsters who record your voices and then play them back at random points. It's a perfect way to make your gameplay even more creepy!

Here's How You Download Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: How to Download Skinwalkers Mod?

It's quite easy to download and install the Skinwalkers Mod for Lethal Company. All you need to do is install Thunderstore Mod Manager and follow the steps below – 

  • Head to the Skinwalkers mod's page.

  • Click on 'Install with Mod Manager'.

  • After that, install the BepInExPack mod.

  • Then, click on the 'Select Game' menu in the Mod Manager app, and select Lethal Company.

  • Find the 'My Mods' tab, and switch on the Skinwalker Mod.

  • Select 'Start Modded' at the top of the screen to produce config files.

With that last step, you're done installing the Skinwalker mod in Lethal Company! Now, you no longer have to listen to the same monotonous SFX voices when facing various monsters in the game because they'll be able to mimic you and your crew now. 

However, there's one thing to note: since the mod is quite new, you might run into bugs in the game while using it. Make sure you're playing on the latest updated version of the game to make sure the mod works effectively.

That's everything you need to know about Skinwalker Mod in Lethal Company. Check out our guide on how to install Mods in Lethal Company to add more spice to the game!

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