My Hero Academia Villain Skins Might Soon Come to Fortnite!


My Hero Academia Villain Skins Might Soon Come to Fortnite!

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Antagonists like Tomura Shigaraki, Himiko Toga, Dabi, or Twice from the renowned Shonen anime My Hero Academia might soon be featured in Fortnite.
Similar to the previous MHA crossover, these upcoming outfits might also have in-game quests tied to them.

In addition to the Frieza and Cell outfits that went live in December last year, Fortnite has featured numerous Anime crossovers in the past, bringing several notable franchises into its game modes. One such collaboration was with the Shonen anime My Hero Academia (MHA), bringing in outfits for popular characters like Izuku Midoriya, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo, and more.

While these were certainly exciting additions to Fortnite, new rumors suggest that a third wave of MHA skins will soon be featured in the game, this time bringing some of the most wicked villains in the anime. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know!

The Next My Hero Academia Collab Might Introduce Shigaraki and Toga Outfits to Fortnite

Insider information received by leaker Wensoing states that the main antagonists of My Hero Academia such as Tomura Shigaraki and Himiko Toga will be featured in Fortnite. Alongside these two villains, we might get to see either Twice (Jin Bubaigawara) or Dabi aka Blueflame as outfits as well.

While this is undoubtedly thrilling news for MHA fans, the leaker also stated that this information was received last year and details regarding the antagonists Dabi and Twice could have been changed since then. While no additional details were provided by Wensoing, this could mean that these skins have either been reworked or replaced entirely.

In addition to this, notable leaker and data miner HYPEX also mentioned on 23rd April that the developers have added a Dark background for the Item Shop, denoting that this change has been done in advance specifically for the potential third crossover with My Hero Academia. Although Epic Games has not yet made an official announcement, many expect these outfits to be released before the upcoming Star Wars collab in May.

For those unaware, the previous My Hero Academia crossovers brought seven different Hero skins to Fortnite, along with accessories like MHA-themed Back Blings, Pickaxes, Emoes, Gliders, and more. You must also know that the previous wave of skins launched in Chapter 4 Season 4 had certain in-game quests tied to them and we can expect the same with the upcoming lineup of skins as well.

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