Here’s How You Can Easily Tame Animals in Lego Fortnite

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Easily Tame Animals in Lego Fortnite</p></div>

Here’s How You Can Easily Tame Animals in Lego Fortnite


The new Farm Friends update allows players to tame wild animals and easily obtain various resources such as Feathers, Milk, Wool, etc.
Building a Barn and crafting Animal Treats is the basic requirement for taming animals in Lego Fortnite.

After introducing numerous vehicle types in the last patch, Lego Fortnite recently received the Farm Friends update, bringing adorable animals to the blocky world. To domesticate these creatures, the game now allows you to build new structures and craft resources that will help you provide food and shelter for them.

However, before you can call them your own pets, these animals need to be tamed and taken back to your village, which might be quite challenging if you aren’t familiar with the new system featured in this V29.30 update. Worry not, as this guide will help you tame any domestic animal of your choice.

Taming Animals in Lego Fortnite

Before you begin the process of taming wild animals, you need to make sure that your village has the basic requirements needed to house these critters. This is where the new station, the Animal House (Barn) comes in. This recipe can be unlocked as soon as you reach village level 2 and it only requires x10 planks to build.


Once your barn is set up and ready to go, you must then cook the Animal Treat which is the most key component of the taming process, as feeding it to the critter befriends it, allowing you to bring them back home. This treat can be cooked using the Grill and x1 Animal Treat requires x5 Vines and x3 Corn.


Upon stocking up on Animal Treats, it is now time to venture into the wild and find the animal of your choice. Once you locate the Chicken, Pig, Cow, or Sheep of your choice, you must get closer to them while the Animal Treat is equipped, and press the prompted button to feed them. They are immediately befriended once they consume the treat, indicated by the yellow hearts floating above their heads.


As long as you see floating hearts above them, they will continue to follow your avatar. You simply need to walk back to your village, lead them to your Barn, and assign it to them. You will also find the option to name them after you allocate them their animal house.

naming animals

While it sounds relatively simple, you need to keep in mind that the biggest hurdle during the taming process is that the effect of the Animal Treat only lasts a short while. Once it wears off, the animal will stop following you, in which case you have to feed it another treat or more, until they reach your village and are assigned to a Barn.

We recommend you craft an abundance of these treats, especially if you are further away from home. Additionally, you can also lure them into a caged vehicle of sorts and effectively transport them back to your base.

Besides that, they might also wander away if they are attacked by enemies or bears, which once again requires you to feed them another treat. Taming animals during the day also makes the process easier, as there will be fewer foes to deal with.

After domesticating them, you must also take care of your beloved pets by feeding and petting them, as the lack of attention can drive them away from your home. Thanks to the new update, you can also hire other villagers and assign them to care for your barn animals while you are away on adventures.

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