Here’s How You Can Unlock and Build the New Vehicles in Lego Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Unlock and Build the New Vehicles in Lego Fortnite

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Lego Fortnite’s Mechanical Mayhem update brought three new pre-designed vehicles into the game mode’ the Speeder, the Offroader, and the Hauler.
Unlocking each of these vehicles requires you to add one specific item or resource to your inventory.
You can also use parts like the Car Jack, Bumpers, Power Center, Driver’s Seat, Turnable Wheels, Powered Wheels, Suspension, Fenders, etc., to build your own machine.

Three months after its launch, Lego Fortnite has finally received its much-awaited Mechanical Mayhem update, adding fresh content and highly-requested features into the blocky game mode. Along with new items and crafting mechanics, players can now access three pre-designed vehicles, with the possibility of more being added with each following update. These vehicles are the Speeder, Offroader, and Hauler, each catering to different traversal needs within the game. Without further ado, here’s how you can unlock and craft them in Lego Fortnite. 

How to Unlock and Craft the New Vehicles in Lego Fortnite?

Unlocking and Crafting the Speeder

Accessing this ATV requires you to add Power Cells to your inventory. This resource can be obtained by crafting the new Compost Bin station using the following items:

  • X5 Plank

  • X2 Soil

  • X1 Sand

  • X3 Fertilizer


Once it has been set up, you need to acquire x50 Biomass and x6 Glass from the Bin to make Power Cells. After that, you need to gather the following materials to build the Speeder:

  • X2 Plank

  • X8 Wood

  • X8 Cord

  • X9 Granite

  • X18 Wooden Rod

Unlocking and Crafting the Offroader


This four-wheeled automotive can allow you to traverse through various biomes along with passengers. The recipe can be unlocked once you add Flexwood to your inventory, a resource that is predominantly acquired by chopping down Cacti in the Dry Valley region. Here are the required resources to craft this vehicle:

  • X2 Torch

  • X2 Glass

  • X4 Flexwood Rod

  • X8 Cord

  • X9 Plank

  • X16 Flexwood

  • X20 Wooden Rod

  • X31 Granite

  • X34 Wood

Unlocking and Crafting the Hauler


The Hauler is a massive 6-wheeled truck capable of hauling tons of cargo and passengers. Unlocking its blueprints requires you to have Frostpine in your inventory, which can be acquired by cutting down any tree present in the Frostlands. Here are all the other resources needed to build the Hauler:

  • X2 Glass

  • X2 Torch

  • X5 Wooden Rod

  • X6 Frostpine Rods

  • X8 Cord

  • X10 Plank

  • X24 Flexwood

  • X30 Frostpine

  • X63 Granite

  • X102 Wood

Besides these three vehicles, you are also free to engineer any type of vehicle you wish, thanks to the addition of numerous Vehicle Parts, that can be found in the Toys tab within your Build Menu. Besides the Power Center which acts as the engine of your machine, you will also need Turnable Wheels, Powered wheels, Driver’s Seat (steering wheel), and Passenger Seats as the basic components for your build.

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