Everything You Need to Know about Lego Fortnite’s Mechanical Mayhem Update!


Everything You Need to Know about Lego Fortnite’s Mechanical Mayhem Update!

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Lego Fortnite’s Mechanical Mayhem update brings three pre-designed vehicles, Vehicle Parts, and new crafting items and mechanics to the game.
The V29.10 update also brings a diverse list of Lego-themed outfits to add to its extensive collection.

After its inception in December 2023, Fortnite’s Lego mode brought an influx of players into the game, thanks to its immersive survival and crafting mechanics that offered a relaxed gaming experience in comparison to the fast-paced Battle Royale mode. 

Although it was well-received, the lack of new content was starting to become a concern for gamers, and much to their anticipation, Epic Games has finally brought the v29.10 Mechanical Mayhem update, including fan-requested features like turnable wheels, a Steering wheel, new crafting items, and more.

All New Features Coming to Lego Fortnite in the Mechanical Mayhem Update

Brand New Vehicles and Crafting Parts

Apart from building makeshift vehicles in this game mode, players will now be able to access three new vehicles such as:

  • Speeder: A four-wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), ideal for zooming around one biome to another.

  • Offroader: This vehicle seems to be the closest resemblance to a car in the game, allowing players to carry three other passengers.

  • Hauler: A large 6-wheeled truck with plenty of cargo space to haul items and passengers alike.


Unlocking the crafting recipe for all of these vehicles requires you to gather specific resources or gain access to new items added to the game. The Speeder only requires the newly added Power Cells, while the recipes for Offroad demand Flexwood, found in the Dry Valley biome. The Hauler, on the other hand, requires Frostpine which can be obtained from the Frostlands.

What Are All the Vehicle Parts Added to Lego Fortnite?

To build your own wheeled machines, the devs have added several items that are categorized as Vehicle Parts and can be accessed from the Toys section in the game. These are:

  • Power Center: This is essentially the engine that powers your vehicles. Each Power Center can be loaded with Power cells and the higher the number of cells, the further you can drive.

  • Wheels: Although Lego Fortnite already contains wheels, the devs have improved them further with this update, adding both Turnable and Powered Wheels to the game. 

Driver’s Seat
  • Driver’s Seat: The highly requested Steering Wheel feature has been incorporated adding passenger Seats for your friends.

  • Illuminator: While this is technically not a vehicle part, you can use this item as a flashlight while exploring dark areas or while driving at night. It can be unlocked through the Crafting Bench using a Thermal Fish.

    Other New Items

Compost Bin

Players can now access the Compost Bin station which turns unused or unnecessary resources into Biomass, Soil, and Fertilizers, that can be used for various purposes. Biomass is a crucial ingredient in crafting Power Cells for your machines.

Players are also introduced to a new Wrench tool, that can be used to assign Switches and Thrusters. The recipe for this can be unlocked by adding a Wooden Rod to your inventory and this will allow you to individually control each thruster with its dedicated switches rather than having a single lever.

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