Drax From Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Is Coming to Lego Fortnite!


Drax From Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Is Coming to Lego Fortnite!

Surya Kumar
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Keen observers noticed the addition of a Lego version of Drax in the cover image of Fortnite’s Mechanical Mayhem update.
We might possibly see a regular version of Drax’s Fortnite skin as well.

Numerous fans are anticipating the release of the Mechanical Mayhem v29.10 update, as it brings several additions to Lego Fortnite such as the highly requested Steering Wheel, brand-new Vehicles, and a slew of outfits to stylize your characters. 

In the overview released by Epic Games today, keen observers spotted some of the latest Lego skins that would be added to the collection, the most notable ones being Drax and Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy driving one of the vehicles. While Groot is already available both as a Lego and a regular outfit in Fortnite, this would mark the debut of Drax into the game.

Drax Outfit Completes the Guardians of the Galaxy Collection in Fortnite

All other main characters from Guardians of the Galaxy such as Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket have been present in Fortnite for quite some time now, with Drax the Destroyer being the only missing outfit. Star-Lord was the first outfit released in Chapter 1 Season 8, while Groot and Rocket have been a part of the game since Chapter 2 Season 4.

Gamora on the other hand, was featured as a new skin set in Chapter 2 Season 7 and the Guardians of the Galaxy set which reintroduced Star-Lord was later available for purchase, along with accessories like the crew’s ship Milano, emotes, Gamora’s Cloak, etc.

While many fans lost all hope that a Drax skin would be released, the devs have now surprised the community, by teasing it in the overview image of the Mechanical Mayhem update. Members over on Reddit are thrilled to get their hands on it, with some jokingly stating that Fortnite is now introducing pay-to-win invisible skins, referring to that moment in Avengers: Infinity War where the Corinthian has attained invisibility by standing still.

Although it sounds exciting, some fans are concerned about the appearance of the regular variant of the skin, as Fortnite seems to have gone back and forth between the Marvel Comic and Cinematic universe for the existing Guardians of the Galaxy skins, providing a mix and match of outfits from both versions. We will wait and see what Drax looks like, along with all the new additions that are on their way, shortly after the downtime for the update which begins at 4 AM ET.

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