Monster Hunter: Now Redeem Codes (November 2023)

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Monster Hunter: Now Redeem Codes (November 2023)


Here are all of the active Monster Hunter: Now redeem codes that you can use to redeem Zenny, Potions and Wander Droplets.
Codes cannot be redeemed in-game and you need to head to the official redemption page to claim them.

Monster Hunter Now is a mobile augmented reality (AR) game developed by Niantic and Capcom, released in September 2023. It features the familiar hunting action of the Monster Hunter series, but with a unique twist: you can actually see and interact with monsters in the real world using your smartphone's AR camera. 

The game is free-to-play but getting resources can take a lot of time so grabbing a few extra Zenny, Potions or Wander Droplets along the way can help a lot. Here is a list of all active redeem codes for Monster Hunter: Now that you can claim in November 2023.

Active Monster Hunter: Now Redeem Codes (November 2023)

New redeem codes are released regularly for Monster Hunter: Now. You can find these codes by following the game's official social media channels. We will also be updating the codes every month so be sure to check back to get some more rewards for free.

  • MHNow10M: This code expires on 21st November and gives you 5,000 Zenny, 2 Potions, and 1 Wander Droplet.

  • MHNow15M: This code expires on 15th December and gives you 10,000 Zenny, 3 Potions, and 2 Wander Droplets. 

  • MHNow20M: This code expires on 31st January 2024 and gives you 15,000 Zenny, 4 Potions, and 3 Wander Droplets. 

How to Redeem Monster: Hunter Now Redeem Codes 

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Monster Hunter: Now redemption code page

  2. Login in to your Monster Hunter: Now account.

  3. Enter the code in the field provided and click the "Redeem" button.

  4. The items will be added to your inventory.

If the items do not show up, wait a couple of minutes or restart your game and it should resolve the issue for you. If you do not get your items, reach out to Niantic’s support. Do note that each code can be redeemed only once so if you have already redeemed one of the codes in the past, you will not receive anything.

Redeem codes can be a great way to get ahead in Monster Hunter: Now. These codes can give you a variety of in-game items that can help you progress in the game, and they can also be used to customize your Hunter's appearance.

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