Monster Hunter Now: Complete Monster List

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Monster Hunter Now: Complete Monster List


Monster Hunter Now is an augmented reality mobile game based on Capcom's action RPG series.
Monster Hunter Now has a massive roster of monsters for players to unlock. Here's a list of all the monsters you can find in the game.

Monster Hunter is finally out in the wild, unleashing a variety of beasts from Capcom’s fantasy game series. 

Well, the game’s main focus is Monsters, obviously, as we’ve seen with every entry in the franchise. You’ll start with a handful of large monsters when you begin, and once you progress further, you’ll be able to unlock more species. Wondering what monsters you can find in Monster Hunter Now? Here’s our list of all the monsters you can find in the game.

All Available Monsters in Monster Hunter Now

Currently, there are 14 monsters for players to unlock in Monster Hunter Now. It’s a simple collection of several iconic beasts. Rathalos, one of the best monsters from the series, will be available in the game from launch.

That being said, here’s a list of all the monsters available in Monster Hunter Now – 

  1. Great Jagras 

  2. Kulu-Ya-Ku 

  3. Pukei-Pukei 

  4. Barroth 

  5. Great Girros 

  6. Tobi-Kadachi 

  7. Paolumu 

  8. Jyuratodus 

  9. Anjanath

  10. Rathian 

  11. Legiana 

  12. Diablos 

  13. Rathalos

  14. Black Diablos (debuted during September’s “Diablos Invasion” event, most likely an event-exclusive)

Monsters Leaked in Monster Hunter 61.1 Update

According to leaks, the following monsters will be released with the 61.1 update –

  1. Pink Rathian 

  2. Azure Rathalos 

  3. Banbaro

These species will be more lethal than their normal counterparts, offering new moves and attack patterns. We still don’t have an official release date for their launch.

New Monsters Release in Monster Hunter Now

When the game launched, Niantic and Capcom confirmed that players were going to see new monsters in the roster alongside new story quests and weapons. These will be introduced to the game as a seasonal mode; the timings of these are yet to be revealed. 

Black Diablos debuted during September’s Diablos Invasion event, which is probably an event exclusive. Right now, we’re seeing all the creatures in the game that have debuted somewhere else in the series. However, the developers have said that they would include unique monsters in the future. 

As the Monster Hunter Universe is so massive, the developers won’t be running out of new monster ideas. It’s going to be interesting to see how Monster Hunter Now impacts the main series over time. Be sure to follow us as we’ll keep you posted on the latest Monster Hunter Now news and guides. 

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