Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event


Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event: All You Need to Know

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Monopoly Go is the online version of the popular board game Monopoly, which is loved by so many people.
The Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build things on your board and win prizes.
Here's all you need to know about the upcoming Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event.

Monopoly Go has gained a lot of popularity amongst mobile gamers recently. It is an entertaining digital game that users can play on their mobile devices and it allows everyone to have an immersive experience of the tabletop board game at the touch of their handheld device screens.

Players, or the tycoons as they are called, can experience the thrill of buying, trading, and constructing their way to fortune in a fast-paced, multiplayer virtual world. Monopoly Go has the best mix of strategy and fun for players and works well for those who know how the game works in principle and to those new to this game as well.

While there are different events that are hosted regularly in the game, one fan-favorite is the 'partners event.'

The upcoming partners event in Monopoly Go, according to multiple reports, is the Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event. Here's all we know about it so far.

What Is the Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event?

Monopoly Go hosts many exciting in-game events and tournaments for players to earn rewards. The Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build things on your board and win prizes.

Notably, anyone who reaches Board 5 is eligible to participate in the Partners Event. During this event, players will find four slots on the board and will need to partner up with other players to build attractions on these slots.

In order to upgrade the attractions, players need to spin the wheel and gain points to progress. Both the player and their partner both contribute to the same progress bar. However, to spin the wheel, players need to collect specific event tokens that work as currency by rolling on the board and from live events.

The last Monopoly Go partners event was the Toy Maker Partners event. Following this, Scopely is reportedly adding a new one to the game. Called Spooky Car Partners Event, this Halloween-themed Partners Event will reportedly go live on 27th October 27th 2023 and is scheduled to be available till 3rd November.

The Spooky Car Partners Event is going to be a thrilling social live event in this Scopely title, bringing players together to construct Halloween cars.

How to Play and Complete the Spooky Car Partners Event in Monopoly Go?

In this Partners Event, players will come across four slots on the game board. The primary objective is to collaborate with other players to assemble monster-themed Halloween cars on these exact slots.

To build these cars, however, players need steering wheels or points. This can be accumulated by landing on special tiles and participating in various events and tournaments.

Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event Milestones & Rewards

Players unlock rewards during the Spooky Car Partners Event by reaching certain milestones that are indicated on the progress bar. Each milestone will bag players certain prizes. They are as follows:

Milestones for Individual Cars and the Rewards for it:

  • 1,800 Points: 160 Dice

  • 6,800 Points: Money and 150 Dice

  • 14,200 Points: Blue Vault of 250 Dice and Money

  • 30,200 Points: Pink Vault of 350 Dice and Pink 3 Star Pack

  • 60,000 Points: 600 Dice, Money and a a Blue 4 Star Pack

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