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Monopoly Go Road to Riches Event: Milestones, Tasks, & Rewards Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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With the start of January, Monopoly Go entered a brand new season called Monopoly Origins.
After the first event ended on 8th January, players have been treated to another event called 'Road to Riches'.
Here's all you need to know about this milestone event in the Scopely title.

Monopoly Go is an entertaining version of the tabletop board game that players can enjoy at any place or time. Monopoly Go has become an extremely popular choice among players, taking over as a compelling mobile game, complete with an immersive experience.

The Monopoly Go event cycle continues in game. With the Monopoly Origins event done and dusted, players are already cruising through the next one. Called "Road to Riches", this event will run for three days in Monopoly Go and will end only on 11th January.

Here's all you need to know about this latest, on-going Monopoly Go milestone event.

Monopoly Go Road to Riches Event: Milestones & Rewards

While the Monopoly Origins event was the first big event of 2024 which introduced a host of exciting rewards and prizes for players, Scopely has outdone itself and rolled out yet another three-day milestone event.

Right after Monopoly Origins ended, the Road to Riches event went live on 8th January. This event will be live till 11th January at 10 am ET. This event has a total of 49 milestones and 15,765 dice rolls. Players who land on certain tiles can score points towards rewards and milestones. 

To score points during the Road to Riches event, you must land on the Tax and Utility tiles. Here are the base point values for each:

  • Tax: Three Hotel tokens

  • Utility: Two Hotel tokes

To maximize points, you can use your dice multipliers strategically and cleverly.  The points for each of these tiles scale with dice multipliers. As a result, you can get hordes of points by using dice multipliers appropriately. For example, if you roll 100 dice at once and land on 'Tax', you will get 300 event tokens.

However, be careful with the number of dice you’re rolling. Keep an eye on how close you are to your next point spot so that you do not waste any rolls.

Here's an overview of all the 49 milestone tasks and their corresponding rewards in Monopoly Go Road to Riches event:

As you can see, you will have to gather thousands of points to reach the final level. The last and final reward in this event is 6,500 Dice Rolls and a Sticker Pack and for this, you need 4000 tokens or points.

As you can see, you will pick up many 'Gardening Partner' tokens while playing in this Road to Riches milestone event. With this, you can progress further in the ongoing Partners Event.

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