Monopoly Go: Moon Walkers Event Milestones, Rewards, and More.


Monopoly Go: Moon Walkers Event Milestones, Rewards, and More.

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Monopoly Go: Moon Walkers event offers several rewards upon completing each milestone. It will end on the 22nd September.
This Moon Walkers event offers several sticker packs, If you are keen on completing the season’s sticker-collection event.

Since its launch in April of this year, Monopoly Go has amassed quite a fanbase and has put a spin on the traditional board game by including fun mechanics and enticing events. This time, players get to explore the Moon with the game’s new Moon Walkers event, which began on 19th September. This space-themed adventure will give you several rewards once you’ve completed the event’s milestones. You need to get across 49 different milestones which you earn you items like free dice rolls, stickers, and such. Let’s take a look.

Here Are the Rewards for Monopoly Go’s Moon Walker Event

As mentioned above, players need to get across 49 different milestones to achieve their rewards. Currently, the game also has a sticker-collecting event which will last till the end of the season. Make sure to check that out if you want to increase your chances of winning amazing prices. Furthermore, there are several sticker pack rewards available in the Moon Walker event with the 49th milestone offering you a Golden Blue Sticker pack and 7k dice rolls.

What Does It Take to Win the Moon Walkers Event in Monopoly Go?

In order to increase your chances of triumphantly completing the Moon Walkers Event, you need to land on corner tiles of the board such as, Go, Free Parking, and the two Jail tiles. Each successful landing will grant you four points, and each reward will be collected after completing a milestone.

Considering the fact that landing on corner tiles is an arduous task, you can choose to use higher multipliers to gain as many points as possible. You must also keep in mind that rolling multipliers will reduce the number of dice rolls you have at your disposal. For example, rolling a 20X multiplier may earn you 100 points but it will deduct 20 dice rolls.

Here are some other methods that may come in handy:

  • Make efficient use of your dice rolls. Use multipliers while keeping in mind that it reduces your overall number of dice rolls.

  • Make sure you complete quick wins every day.

  • Collect your free dice rewards in the in-game shop. It refreshes every eight hours.

  • If you are attempting to complete the sticker-collection event, you can earn several sticker packs from completing this Moon Walker event.

That is pretty much all there is to know about this new Monopoly Go event. The event will only last until 22nd September so hurry up!

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