Monopoly Go Gizmo Gourmet Event: All Tasks & Rewards Explained

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Monopoly Go rolled out a new event, Gizmo Gourmet, on 5th October.
This event will help players earn rewards including free dice rolls, cash, among others.
Here's all you need to know about the rewards and tasks in the Gizmo Gourmet event.

Monopoly Go is the online version of the popular board game Monopoly, which is loved by so many people. This game has been reinvigorated as a mobile game, giving access to hordes of gamers. Via this entertaining mobile game, players can experience the thrill of buying, trading, and constructing their way to fortune in a fast-paced, multiplayer virtual world. Monopoly Go gives the best mix of strategy and entertainment for players who already know how Monopoly works in principle and those new to this game as well.

With the Cloud Cruisin event done and dusted, players are already gearing up to pick up rewards with the Gizmo Gourmet event in Monopoly Go. This event will help players earn rewards including free dice rolls, cash, among others.

The Gizmo Gourmet event requires players to land on certain tiles to gather points. Here's all you need to know about collecting as many rewards as you can during this special event in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Gizmo Gourmet: Tasks, Rewards & More

The Gizmo Gourmet event is underway in Monopoly Go and players who land on certain tiles can score points towards rewards and milestones. There are a total of 50 Gizmo Gourmet rewards with each tied to a certain number of points.

Tycoons score points by landing on certain board spaces during the Gizmo Gourmet event. Each tile will give award you certain number of points:

  • Chance: Two points.

  • Community Chest: Three points.

  • Railroad (Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B & O Railroad, Short Line): Five points.

But if you are rolling with a roll multiplier like x10, you can earn 20, 30, or 50 points at once.

Here's an overview of all the 50 milestone tasks and their corresponding rewards in Monopoly Go's Gizmo Gourmet event:

Notably, you will need more than 74K points to hit all of this event's milestones. But keep in mind that there are also over 16,000 dice rolls up for grabs, which is very enticing.

Also, many of the rewards from this event contain Puzzle Pieces for the Toy Maker Partners event in the game, which is live until 7th October. You can make toys with your in-game friends to earn more rewards.

The last milestone reward for Gizo Gourmet is 4-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack and 7,500 dice rolls.

This interesting Monopoly GO event will be live for three days in-game till 8th October at 7 AM PT.

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