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Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event: All Tasks & Rewards Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Epic Myths event has made its return to Monopoly Go.
The event will be live for two days and here's all we know about the Epic Myths event in the Scopely title.

The Epic Myths event, which excited a lot of players with its first-ever appearance in Monopoly Go on 1st September 2023, has made a grand return to the Scopely title. This time also it has brought forth a plenty of prizes and rewards for players. Like always, tycoons need to land on very specific tiles on their board to gather exclusive tokens for this particular event and earn appropriate rewards.

Here’s all you need to know about the Epic Myths event and its complete list rewards in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event: Milestones & Rewards

The “Epic Myths” event in Monopoly Go sees players collecting Scroll tokens by landing on any of the four corners of the board. The event features 43 milestones in total. It went live on 8th November 2023 and will end on 10th November 2023. Notably, this event also coincides with a new tournament that will replace Capitalist Crunch.

The items tycoons will likely find during this Epic myths event include money, sticker packs, and power-ups to help get points easier.

During the Monopoly Go Epic Myths event, to obtain points, you need to land on the following four corner tiles on the board:

  • Go

  • Visiting Jail

  • Free Parking

  • Go to Jail

Keep in mind that each corner square gives you four points. If you use your dice multipliers, you can increase this value. For example, if you roll 100 dice at once and land on 'Go', you will get 400 points.

Here are the Epic Myths events' milestones and rewards:

  1. 5 Event Points: 10 Free Dice Rolls

  2. 10 Event Points: Cash

  3. 15 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack

  4. 70 Event Points: 75 Free Dice Rolls

  5. 15 Event Points: Cash

  6. 20 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack

  7. 25 Event Points: 10-Minute Rent Frenzy

  8. 30 Event Points: Cash

  9. 180 Event Points: 225 Free Dice Rolls

  10. 35 Event Points: Cash

  11. 40 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack

  12. 50 Event Points: Cash

  13. 300 Event Points: 400 Free Dice Rolls

  14. 55 Event Points: Cash

  15. 50 Event Points: 10-Minute Cash Grab

  16. 60 Event Points: Cash

  17. 70 Event Points: 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack

  18. 700 Event Points: 850 Free Dice Rolls

  19. 70 Event Points: Cash

  20. 80 Event Points: 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack

  21. 100 Event Points: Cash

  22. 1200 Event Points: 1400 Free Dice Rolls

  23. 150 Event Points: 15-Minute High Roller

  24. 140 Event Points: 2-Star Gold Orange Sticker Pack

  25. 175 Event Points: 200 Free Dice Rolls

  26. 1000 Event Points: Cash

  27. 200 Event Points: 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack

  28. 300 Event Points: 250 Free Dice Rolls

  29. 350 Event Points: Cash

  30. 1800 Event Points: 1900 Free Dice Rolls

  31. 500 Event Points: 5-Minute Cash Boost

  32. 750 Event Points: Cash

  33. 800 Event Points: 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack

  34. 900 Event Points: Cash

  35. 2800 Event Points: 2600 Free Dice Rolls

  36. 1000 Event Points: 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

  37. 1100 Event Points: 25-Minute Rent Frenzy

  38. 1200 Event Points: Cash

  39. 2500 Event Points: Cash

  40. 1300 Event Points: 1000 Free Dice Rolls

  41. 1400 Event Points: 4-Star Gold Blue Sticker Pack

  42. 1500 Event Points: Cash

  43. 6000 Event Points: 7000 Free Dice Rolls + 4-Star Gold Blue Sticker Pack (with 1 4-Star Gold Sticker Guaranteed)

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