Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event: All Tasks & Rewards Explained

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Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event



Scopely is already gearing up for the next festival season in Monopoly Go.
Themed around 'Thanksgiving,' the Blessed Feast Event features 42 tasks.
Here's all you need to know about Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event.

Scopely rolled out its last festival-themed event at the end of October. The last Halloween present for tycoons in Monopoly Go was introduced on 31st October through the Trick or Treat event. The last Halloween-themed event required players to land on specific tiles as usual to gather tokens in exchange for rewards.

Now, moving from the Halloween-themed festivities, Scopely is shifting its focus onto the next big holiday celebration: Thanksgiving.

Themed around Thanksgiving is the newest Blessed Feast Event and it features 42 tasks.

Here's all you need to know about Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event.

Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event: Tasks, Rewards & More

Blessed Feast is the latest two-day event in Monopoly Go. It is currently offering a plenty of amazing in-game assets and rewards to players for completing its milestones. While the first few rewards begin with small amounts of dice, cash, and one-star sticker packs, the rewards towards the end of the event are more lucrative. They provide rare prizes like four and five-star sticker packs for the tycoons.

Keep in mind that you need to land on turkey tokens during the Blessed Feast event to gain points. These tokens will spawn randomly on your board. Notably, each turkey token will net you two points and they also scale with your current dice multiplier.

Also, the higher your multiplier is, the more points you’ll gain. For example, if you have a High Roller active and land on a spot while you have a 1000-dice multiplier, you will get 2000 points instead of the usual two. Likewise, if you roll 100 dice at once, you will get 200 points.

Additionally, every time you land on a turkey token, it will disappear and move to a different tile on the board. But you will always have several active turkey tokens on the board at a time, allowing you to gather more points.

Here's an overview of all the 42 milestone tasks and their corresponding rewards in Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event:

Since all the turkey tokens are scattered in this Blessed Feast event, you will have to get enough free dice rolls to increase your chances of getting more rewards.

The Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event is scheduled to ends on Sunday, 19th November 2023, at 7 am PT or 10 am ET. Following this, another event will immediately start after a few minutes, so make sure to get your hands on all the rewards as soon as you can!

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