Minecraft Spookyfest Returns This Year With New Content and Freebies


Minecraft Spookyfest Returns This Year With New Content and Freebies

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Minecraft Spookyfest 2023 will offer free skins such as Bony Brawler, Spooky Swathe, and the Legends Hero Skin Pack.
Keep in mind that acquiring the Spooky Swathe Hero skin will require you to complete October’s Lost Legends: Creeper Clash event.

Minecraft’s annual Spookyfest is back again this year offering several rewards to players who participate in the event. This Halloween-themed celebration is highly anticipated by several fans of the title, mainly due to the fact that it adds new content to different iterations such as Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, etc. 

Although it is live on multiple versions of the game, players of Minecraft Legends will receive several freebies although it does require them to complete a few intuitive challenges. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at these rewards.

What Freebies Do You Get For Minecraft Legends?

In an official Minecraft blog published on 19th October, we got to look at some of the special Halloween Minecraft Marketplace items such as:

  • Bony Brawler Skin

This sinister-looking skin would seriously intimidate your foes with those dark red eyes and the mysterious black hood. You can add this skin to your collection by redeeming it from the Legends marketplace

  • Lost Legends: Creeper Clash

October’s Lost Legends event requires you to unleash Creepers on Piglin portals and destroy them within a given time. Unlike previous events, you will be granted more time as you continue to destroy every outpost and base. Upon destroying Piglin settlements, you will also increase your resource limit.

If you successfully manage to destroy all of these Piglin Settlements you will receive a free Spooky Swathe hero skin for your troubles.

Apart from the additional content to Minecraft Legends, you will also receive a Legends Hero Skin Pack, which will possibly grant you the following skins:

  • Steel Champion

  • Ragged Warrior

  • Bone Champion

  • Golden Warrior

  • Hollow Knight

What Other Spookyfest Items Can You Get From the Marketplace?

If you are looking forward to new content such as maps, mini-games, and skin packs for this Halloween season and do not mind spending Minecoins to acquire them, you must check out the following:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas by Minecraft

  • ZOMBIES: Classic by Spark Universe

  • The Backrooms and The Backrooms Party Time by Float Studios

  • Jukebox Head and The Enderman by Razzleberries

  • Mutant Survival by Syclone Studios

  • Doors Hotel by Builders Horizon

  • Scariest Map Ever by Sapphire Studios

  • Haunted Park by Everbloom Games

  • Haunted Mansion Battle by Mythicus

These aforementioned items will be available in the marketplace between 24th and 31st October. That is pretty much everything that the 2023 Minecraft Spookyfest event brings to the table.

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