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Minecraft Live 2023: Everything Announced

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Minecraft Live is an annual event that brings the latest news from the Minecraft franchise, including what players can expect from the next update, partnerships, spinoff projects, and results of Mob Vote.
Here are all the biggest announcements from Minecraft Live 2023 you need to know about.

There’s no doubt that Minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time, and the influence it has had on the gaming industry is immense. Despite being released all the way back in 2009, the game shows no sign of stopping, with players increasing every year.

To celebrate Minecraft and look towards a brighter future, the annual event called Minecraft Live 2023 happened on Sunday, 15th October 2023. Minecraft Live is a yearly staple for gamers, with Mojang and Microsoft bringing out tons of news for the world of Minecraft. This year, it’s no different, with new updates revealed for Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, and more.

Here’s everything announced in Minecraft Live 2023.

Minecraft Live 2023

Minecraft Star Wars Path of Jedi DLC

Gamers can look forward to another Star Wars experience with the Path of the Jedi DLC set to release on 7th November 2023. You’ll play as a Padwan training to be a Jedi Master with everything you could imagine from a Star Wars experience, including Force powers and Lightsabers. Famous characters from the universe of Star Wars will also appear, and players will get a free creator item in the Minecraft dressing room.

Minecraft Planet Earth III DLC

Mojang and Microsoft are also planning to celebrate the new Planet Earth III TV series launch with a Minecraft DLC. It’s more of an educational experience and will be available in both Minecraft Education and Minecraft Marketplace in 2024. Just like Planet Earth II DLC, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

Minecraft Legends Updates

Mojang isn’t just done with Minecraft Legends yet; we’re going to see more updates. The team has been listening to the community’s feedback and planning to implement more requested features, game changes, and updates.   

On 19th October 2023, a new Lost Legend called ‘Creeper Clash’ will go live to celebrate Halloween. Another Lost Legend release is planned for December to celebrate the holiday season: Snow vs Snout.

15th Anniversary Celebration 

Mojang has announced 2024 as the year of the game’s 15th-anniversary celebration, a big milestone for the studio and gaming industry. Players can expect plenty of surprises in the store to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s what Mojang’s head of franchise Kayleen Walters had to say about the upcoming anniversary update –

“As we mark our 15th year, we at Minecraft want to express our gratitude to our passionate Minecraft community. It is our community’s creativity and dedication that has helped shape this world into something extraordinary. As we kick off this milestone year, we eagerly look forward to honoring and celebrating your contributions, stories and adventures. Thank you for 15 amazing years of crafting, building and exploring together. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in 2024!”

Winner of the Mob Vote 2023

Every year, the Minecraft community is tasked with picking three different potential characters, with the winning creature making its way to the game. This time, players had a choice between the armadillo, penguin, and crab, and it was the armadillo coming out at the top.

Minecraft Vanilla Update

We’re going to see a number of features coming to the OG Minecraft in 2024, including ‘The Crafter.’ This will allow players to perform automatic crafting. Minecraft vanilla will also see the addition of Trial Chambers, which are underground structures for players to tackle, as well as new light-emitting blocks called ‘Copper Bulbs. That’s not it; Mojang is adding ‘The Breeze’, the game’s newest hostile mob.

And that’s everything announced in Minecraft Live 2023. Be sure to follow us as we’ll update you with the latest Minecraft news and guides.

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