Matthew McConaughey Announces His First Video Game Project at The Game Awards 2023


Matthew McConaughey Announces His First Video Game Project at The Game Awards 2023

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Matthew McConaughey showed up on the stage at The Game Awards 2023 tonight to announce his brand-new video game project 'Exodus'.
Exodus is an epic sci-fi third-person video game with a heavy focus on time dilation, a concept where time travels at different speeds.

There's no doubt that Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey's visit at The Games Awards 2023 to announce his first-ever video game project, Exodus, took the audiences by surprise. Every year, the event is a host to a number of new titles coming in the future, and Exodus happens to be one of them.

The sci-fi RPG isn't technically connected to Interstellar, but its time-shifting, space-exploring premise certainly draws from the film, which also stars Matthew McConaughey. The actor is going to be a part of the game, voicing one of the major characters in the game. His personal journey as one of the highly-rated actors and storytellers indicates the kind of passion we all can expect when Exodus finally comes out.

Matthew McConaughey Reveals First Video Game Project with Exodus 

It was already an exciting evening for The Game Awards 2023, but it got even better as McConaughey arrived to let everyone know he had a brand-new project in the works. The actor had an announcement of his own, letting viewers know that he's going to voice in a new video game titled Exodus. McConaughey expressed his excitement for the video game project and seemed pretty happy to deliver the news. Exodus' premiere was well-received by the audiences at the event.

The mind behind Exodus, Archetype Entertainment, made it a point to make Mathew feel at home, wrapping the Hollywood actor's work in a sci-fi narrative that let players explore a new and exciting journey across space and galaxies. So far, Exodus appears to be, more than anything, a space-action game of choices. Your decisions will heavily alter what happens for you in the title.

Exodus is a New Sci-Fi Game Starring Matthew McConaughey

At first look, the game seems like an adventure that doesn't hold back from challenging themes that integrate themes like time travel, space, and everything else. Matthew explained during the announcement that he voices a character that will be unique to players in a number of ways. It's clearly a complex narrative shaped by action, adventure, and beautiful storytelling.

Matthew's experience with Interstellar has most likely made an impact on his role, which is clear from how excited he is about the video game project.

We still don't have an official release date for Exodus, but gamers were informed about the cut-off date for becoming a "Founder" on 31st March 2023. Could this be a release date for the game? Possibly, but it's unclear. The game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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