Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Cindy Moon?

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Cindy Moon


The ending of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 teases the arrival of another significant comic book character joining the franchise.
But who is this character, and what significance does she hold in the Spider-Man Lore? Here's everything you need to know about Cindy Moon.

With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 finally out on PS5, superhero fans get another wild romp through the streets of a digital New York City. The Spidey epic is stuffed with iconic Marvel heroes and villains, as well as deep-cut references to the comics!

If you’ve already beaten the game, then you’ve most likely seen the post-credit scene introducing Cindy Moon, one of the most important characters in Marvel comics. Here’s what you need to know about Cindy Moon in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. 

Who is Cindy Moon in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

During the end-credit scenes of Spider-Man 2, Miles and his mother, Rio, are preparing for dinner. Hailey arrives, and Rio asks that she look over Miles’ essay in his room. They head to his room but are interrupted by a knock on the door. Albert Moon introduces himself and his daughter Cindy, and then the scene cuts to black.

If you’re completely blank about Cindy Moon, she’s one of the most important Marvel characters in comics created by Dan Sloot and Humberto. She made her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, where she was bitten by the same spider as Parker. They share many of the same abilities, but there are some twists, including the fact that Cindy has organic webbing. Cindy goes by the name ‘Silk’ and is a crucial part of the Great Web, which connects all Spider-beings in the Marvel Comics.

Moon was locked away in a vault by Ezekiel Sims to protect her from the Inheritors, a group of vampires who desire to feed on those related to the Great Web. She’s important to the Inheritors, as she’s a special being called ‘Spider-Totem’. She is specifically known as the Bride, and her death alongside other Spider-Totems ensures the victory of Inheritors, which leads to the events of Spider-Verse crossovers. 

Cindy Moon

How Could Cindy Moon Play into Spider-Man 3?

Since we only get to see the back of Cindy Moon’s head for a split second in the end-credit scene, we really don’t know how big of a role she will have in future Spider-Man games. However, we can be sure that Insomniac has some great plans for Cindy Moon/Silk in the next Spidey game.

We saw the end of Spider-Man 2 when Peter entered a period of retirement, and Miles took on the duty of becoming the only friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Miles take on the mentor role in Spider-Man 3, with Cindy getting bit by a radioactive spider and Morales helping her to unravel her new spider powers?

Insomniac has proven that audiences need to keep a close eye on these post-credit scenes for the game; they tease what’s coming next. Spider-Man (2018) quite literally confirmed that we’ll see Harry Osborn turning into Venom in the sequel. So, there’s no doubt that the studio has major plans for Cindy in the world of Marvel’s wall-crawler. 

And that's everything you need to know about Cindy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Be sure to follow us as we will we'll update you with the latest Spider-Man 2 news and guides.

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