Marvel SNAP November Spotlight Schedule: Which Cards Should You Get?

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Marvel SNAP November Spotlight Schedule


Marvel SNAP is getting its new season on 7th November and there are some exciting cards coming our way.
Annihilus is the one card everyone is excited about and meta powerhouses Loki and Alioth are also getting reruns.

Marvel Snap’s new season is set to arrive on 7th November and with it, we will get a new set of cards via Spotlight Caches in addition to Ms. Marvel, who is the Season Pass card. The new season is themed around The Marvels, an upcoming movie featuring Ms. Marvel, Spectrum and Captain Marvel. November’s Spotlight Caches will feature Gladiator, Annihilus and Martyr as the three new cards.

Marvel SNAP November 2023 Spotlight Caches and Recommendations

There will be no new card during week one (7th to 14th November). If you are looking for spotlight recommendations, we have our ratings included as well. Do note that it takes a long time to save up Spotlight Caches and if you really want a card, you should save up 4 Caches to ensure you get what you want. 

Week One - 7th to 14th November

  • Alioth (Series 5)

  • Knull (Series 4)

  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Series 4)

Negasonic recently got a buff and she is a lot better than before and is seeing play in Werewolf Surfer lists. Knull is a Destroy staple and if you enjoy the archetype, he is a must-have card. Alioth is an absolute menace and has led to a lot of player frustration. While he has received a massive nerf to his power, he is still one of the best cards to close out a game if you use a deck that has priority consistently on Turn 6.

Rating: 7.5/10 if you are missing Knull and Alioth.

14th to 21st November

  • Gladiator (Future: Series 5)

  • Mirage (Series 4)

  • Loki (Series 5)

Gladiator has received mixed first impressions and we recommend waiting for the card to release before making a decision. His effect can be powerful but it can also backfire as it triggers enemy On-Reveal effects. Mirage is a card that is used mostly in Loki decks but she is getting cut in favor of a more aggressive Bounce-style gameplay featuring Werewolf by Night, Falcon and Beast.

Loki is the meta powerhouse and is arguably the best card in the game right now despite his recent nerf. He may get another nerf in the coming weeks so we recommend waiting it out until his Spotlight releases to see if he continues to be a must-have card. Even if he is not nerfed, Mobius M. Mobius might get buffed back which will help curb his power level so keep an eye out for that.

Rating: 7.5/10 if you are missing Loki and he or Mobius M. Mobius remain unchanged.

21st to 28th November

  • Annihilus (Future: Series 5)

  • Daken (Series 5)

  • X-23 (Series 5)

X-23 is a must-have card if you love playing Destroy and the archetype gets access to plays that would not be possible without her effect. Daken is a solid card in Discard decks but not a must-own card by any means. Annihilus is possibly the strongest card of November and players are excited to get him. Once again, wait for content creators to playtest the card and see if Annihilus lives up to the hype before spending your Spotlight Keys.

Rating: 9/10 if you are missing two or more cards from this set. 

28th November to 5th December

  • Martyr (Future: Series 5)

  • Jean Grey (Series 4)

  • Spider-Man 2099 (Series 4)

Rating: 3/10. None of these cards are a must-have. 

Jean Grey is the strongest card in the deck. Spiderman 2099 barely sees any play and is not worth your Spotlight keys. Martyr might see some play in Junk/Clog decks with Annihilus but Titania already fits that role and having a 1/4 is not too appealing.

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