List of Best Esports Bootcamps and Gaming Houses in India

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S8UL's $1 million gaming facility sets a new standard for esports in India with luxurious amenities.
Orangutan Esports' bootcamp, "The Forest," combines advanced gaming tech with a focus on player well-being.
Global Esports' lavish Content House in Bandra showcases a blend of creativity and esports excellence.

India's esports scene is rapidly evolving, with bootcamps and gaming houses becoming crucial for the development of professional players and content creators.

This article explores some of the best facilities across the country, each designed to foster talent, enhance skills, and contribute to the growth of esports within India.

Best Esports Bootcamps and Gaming Houses in India

S8UL Gaming Facility: A Luxurious Esports Haven

S8UL Esports has unveiled India's most luxurious gaming facility, a sprawling $1 million venture covering 15,000 sq. ft.

This four-story edifice combines sophistication with functionality, featuring specialized streaming cabins, comfortable living quarters, engaging recreational zones, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and expansive content creation spaces.

Conceived by esports luminaries Naman "Mortal" Sandeep Mathur, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, and Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, this facility stands as a testament to S8UL's dedication to uplifting India's gaming landscape.

Orangutan Esports Training Facility: South Asia's Finest

The training facility of Orangutan Esports is popularly referred to as 'The Forest' and serves as a top class bootcamp which is lauded as South Asia's finest.

It provides a comprehensive training environment and comes equipped with the latest gaming technology, custom PCs, headsets, and mice, a dedicated green screen studio for content creation, communal dining areas, and an emphasis on nutrition and team unity.

The bootcamp's design prioritizes both gaming excellence and content production, aiming to be adorned with both national and international accolades.

Gods Reign's Bangalore Bootcamp: A Comprehensive Training Complex

In Whitefield, Bangalore, Gods Reign has introduced a vast training facility tailored for India's top esports athletes. Spanning 6,800 sq. ft., this complex offers an array of amenities including a swimming pool, gym, library, and basketball courts.

It focuses on health, cleanliness, and technological support, providing air-conditioned, soundproof rooms, and high-end gaming equipment. This bootcamp symbolizes Gods Reign's commitment to esports excellence, with features designed for intense training sessions and relaxation alike.

Godlike Esports Bootcamp: Catering to the Elite

Designed to accommodate up to 40 athletes across titles like BGMI, CODM, and Free Fire, Godlike Esports' bootcamp showcases themed floors for gaming and streaming.

The facility boasts specialized gaming rooms, soundproof cabins, a recreational arena with a pool table, a fully-equipped gym, and a trophy room to celebrate the organization's achievements. This environment is crafted for both rigorous training and team bonding.

Global Esports Content House: The Most Expensive in the Country

Situated in a plush penthouse in Bandra, Mumbai, the Global Esports Content House represents a significant leap in the esports domain as India's Most Expensive Gaming House. It serves as a hub for players, content creators, and the management team, promising an expanded range of captivating content, from cooking challenges and pool parties to player stories and vlogs. The Content House is set to be the stage for Global Esports' innovative content throughout the year.

Skylightz Gaming Bootcamp: A Technological Marvel

The Skylightz Gaming Bootcamp stands out as a cutting-edge facility optimized for esports training and content creation. It is outfitted with advanced gaming setups, high-performance PCs, soundproofing, high-speed internet, and specialized gaming peripherals.

A dedicated editing suite and strategy rooms with the latest software tools underscore the facility's focus on integrating technology with esports prowess, providing a comprehensive technical environment for skill enhancement.

These top-tier esports bootcamps and gaming houses in India symbolize the remarkable growth and professionalization of the gaming industry, offering state-of-the-art facilities to nurture talent and push the boundaries of excellence.

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