Last Epoch Guide: How to Obtain the Throne of Ambition Idol?


Last Epoch Guide: How to Obtain the Throne of Ambition Idol?

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The Throne of Ambition is a Unique Adorned Silver Idol that deals significant Fire and Cold Damage upon gaining Stacks of Ambition.
This Unique Idol can be obtained after defeating the God Hunter Argentus boss in the Stolen Lance Timeline.
We recommend you attempt this after unlocking Empowered Monoliths, as the higher Corruption level increases the chance of receiving this Unique.

Last Epoch boasts numerous game mechanics that offer an immersive ARPG experience to its players. You will be provided with a colossal list of weapons, gears, and items to help you on your journey through different Eras. While common items can be crafted or acquired through exploration, elusive items like the Throne of Ambition artifact can only be obtained after defeating formidable Timeline Bosses in the game. 

These types of adorned Idols provide a significant buff to your stats and abilities, essentially allowing you to fight more powerful enemies in exchange for more elusive rewards. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to obtain this Unique Silver Idol.

Throne of Ambition Adorned Idol in Last Epoch

This Silver Adorned Idol can only be acquired by entering the End of Time, which is a separate lineup of quests from the game’s main campaign. This contains the Monolith of Fate, present in numerous Timelines, offering rewards such as Blessings, increased Item Rarity, high-tier affixes, Uniques, and more.

To obtain the Throne of Ambition Idol, you specifically need to complete the Monolith of Fate in the Stolen Lance Timeline and defeat the God Hunter Argentus boss either in Normal or Legendary area levels. While it is not a guaranteed drop in either of these difficulties, we recommend you attempt this once you’ve unlocked Empowered Monoliths, as the higher levels of Corruption further increase its drop rate.

argentum spire

The Stolen Lance Timeline is based on Cold and Fire damage enemies and provides three different quests; Wengari Stronghold, The Seige of Farwood, and Argentum Spire. After completing quests one and two, the third and final quest puts you against the God Hunter Argentus where you must defeat him and reclaim the Lance of Heorot.

Winning this battle will increase your chances of acquiring the Throne of Ambition Unique Adorned Silver Idol. However, keep in mind that you need at least 250 Stability in Normal and 800 Stability in Empowered area levels to partake in this mission.

Once you’ve obtained the 2x2 Throne of Ambition, you get access to distinct buffs and stats such as:

  • 2% more Fire Damage per stack of Ambition

  • 2% more Cold Damage per stack of Ambition

  • 2% more Armor per stack of Ambition

  • 20 Maximum stacks of Ambition

  • All Ambition will be lost if you go 4 seconds without gaining a stack

Although this drop cannot have Legendary Potential, you have the chance to obtain it quite early at player level 20. The aforementioned stacks of Ambition is a status effect that you gain when you hit a boss or a rare enemy type. Continuous hits to your foes will increase your stack, which consequently increases your damage stats.

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