Lady Gaga is All Set to Debut in Fortnite Festival Season 2



Lady Gaga is All Set to Debut in Fortnite Festival Season 2

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Lady Gaga, the iconic and boundary-pushing artist, will join Fortnite Universe Festival Season 2 on 22nd February.
On 20th February, Lady Gaga shared a smoky, mysterious picture on X that shows her Fortnite skin.

Fortnite is a title known for collaborating with some of the most famous artists on the planet. We've seen popular names such as Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Marshmello make their way into the Battle Royale. However, Fortnite is now teaming up with Lady Gaga. The Oscar-winning pop icon who once asked her fans what Fortnite was, will join the platform’s rhythm-based game Fortnite Festival on 22nd February 2024. Lady Gaga shared the exciting news on X by posting her Fortnite skin, which seems to draw inspiration from her Chromatic era. 

Lady Gaga is Joining Fortnite Festival Season 2 

For weeks, players wondered who the next artist would be to join the title to headline the upcoming Fortnite Festival season. With The Weeknd leaving the game in just a few days, rumors started circulating about his replacement, with some players expecting Taylor Swift to join in. However, in a surprising reveal, Lady Gaga confirmed her addition to Fortnite.

Lady Gaga’s Fortnite Collaboration is coming years after she revealed having no knowledge about the title. In October 2019, the pop star asked her followers about “fortnight,” which led to thousands of replies. Multiple players informed her about Fortnite, while others trolled her with false answers.

However, in 2024, it finally looks like Lady Gaga knows all about Fortnite. Although Epic Games hasn’t made an official announcement, Lady Gaga confirmed her appearance in the game starting with the next Fortnite Festival season on 22nd February. While announcing her collaboration with the title, she proved that she knows more about the game now than she did five years ago by correctly spelling “Fortnite”. 

Fortnite Festival is a music-based game mode similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which debuted back in December with the addition of The Weeknd. In this mode, players can jam with one another to a range of tracks from popular artists. Various cosmetics and skins based on The Weekend were launched at the time as part of Fortnite’s Battle Pass, and Lady Gaga’s collaboration will likely follow a similar structure. 

Although details are scarce, fans can expect Lady Gaga to get at least two Fortnite skins. If it happens, one will be available through the item shop, while the other one will be a part of the Fortnite Festival Pass. More of her songs will likely be made a part of the Fortnite Festival.

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