Kingdom Hearts Adaptation Is Reportedly in Development by Disney!


Kingdom Hearts Adaptation Is Reportedly in Development by Disney!

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Reliable Leaker DanieRPK mentioned on his Patreon post that a Kingdom Hearts adaptation is in the works at Disney.
Although a Kingdom Hearts project is being developed, it is unclear whether this would be a TV or movie adaptation.

According to a reliable insider, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game franchise Kingdom Hearts is reportedly being developed at Disney. This is certainly exciting news for hardcore fans of the series who continue to wait patiently for Kingdom Hearts 4. Although an adaptation is supposedly in the works, it is still unclear whether this would be a movie or a TV show for Disney+. Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far.

Kingdom Hearts Adaptation Rumor Comes From Reliable Insider DanieRPK

Reliable Leaker DanieRPK who has accurately reported on numerous movies and TV shows is the source of this rumor. After stating that Sonic Frontiers 2 is in development, DanielRPK made another post on his Patreon, mentioning that Disney is reportedly working on a Kingdom Hearts adaptation.

While a project is certainly underway at Disney, the leaker stated that it might either be a TV series or a movie adaptation of Kingdom Hearts. However, this is not the first time this rumor has emerged as many news sites reported that a Kingdom Heart series was in the works for Disney+ back in May 2020.

As reported by  Emre Kaya, the Editor-in-chief of Vulcan Reporter, Disney had decided that the Kingdom Hearts adaptation would supposedly be CG-animated and that Square Enix would create the pilot episode using Unreal Engine. Although this rumor gained a lot of traction online, Disney did not announce its status, which led fans to believe that the series had been canceled.

Considering that the rumor has resurfaced again from a credible source could mean that the Kingdom Hearts adaptation is still alive, even after four years. However, numerous changes may have been made to the project over the years, and it might have taken a new direction than originally planned.

The Kingdom Hearts games are arguably one of the biggest franchises within the video game industry. As of March 2022, the series has sold more than 36 million copies worldwide across all available platforms. Developed by Disney and Square Enix, these action RPGs have been successfully running for over two decades.

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