Kena: Bridge of Spirits Might Soon Be Available on Xbox Consoles!


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Might Soon Be Available on Xbox Consoles!

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Despite no official announcement by Microsoft or Ember Lab, an ESRB rating page revealed that Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox Series X/S.
The release date for Xbox is expected to be revealed at the upcoming Xbox event in June 2024.

Indie Developer Ember Lab released Kena: Bridge of Spirits in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, and 5. This enticing action-adventure game received numerous positive reviews right after its release, sold thousands of copies across all available platforms, and even won The Game Award for Best Independent Game. 

While many believed an Xbox version of the game was imminent, that was unfortunately not the case, until now. Although there has been no official announcement from Microsoft or Ember Lab, an ESRB rating for Kena: Bridge of Spirits was spotted recently, hinting that the game is well on its way to Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Xbox Series X/S Consoles Will Also Receive the Deluxe Edition of Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Besides the base game, the ESRB rating page states that the deluxe edition possibly featuring the Original Soundtrack and other items such as the Shadow outfit, Silver Staff, and the Golden Rot might also be available for purchase on Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information that confirms the existence of an Xbox One version of the game, which is disappointing, considering that Kena: Bridge of Spirits was available on the last-gen PlayStation 4 system. While the exact date for the Xbox launch is unknown, speculations suggest the game will be announced in the upcoming Xbox event scheduled for June 2024.

For those unaware, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a captivating third-person platformer that follows the life of Kena, a young spirit guide who is gifted with various magical powers. She puts her abilities to good use, guiding deceased people to transcend themselves into the spiritual realm.

Although its alluring art style might make it seem like a simple game, the game contains complex mechanics in terms of its combat and movement, providing hours of entertaining gameplay.

Could Kena: Bridge of Spirits Be Released on Game Pass?

While it does seem reasonable, it is unlikely that the game will be available on Game Pass right after its release on Xbox. However, it could potentially make its way to the subscription platform later down the line, and it might even be available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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