IShowSpeed Wants to Organize WWE Event with Content Creators

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>YouTuber IShowSpeed proposed an event where content creators participate in WWE matches.</p></div>

YouTuber IShowSpeed proposed an event where content creators participate in WWE matches.


After being in the spotlight after his Wrestlemania appearance and his encounter with Randy Orton, it seems like YouTuber IShowSpeed has taken a liking to WWE.
Now, IShowSpeed wants to organize an event for content creators where they participate in WWE matches.

Last week, during night of Wrestlemania 40, YouTuber and content creator Darren "IShowSpeed" had an unforgettable debut. Not only did his appearance help Logan Paul defend his title, but iShowSpeed also got RKO'd by Randy Orton, and then later got made fun of on Randy Orton's social media. However, even if it was just virtual, Speed got his revenge on Orton by pulling off an RKO on Randy Orton with his custom character in WWE 2K24 on a livestream.

With his newfound interest in WWE, IShowSpeed recently proposed an idea to his viewers about a potential event where content creators can participate in WWE matches.

IShowSpeed Wants To Organize a WWE for Content Creators

While talking to his viewers and chatters on a recent stream, iShowSpeed said that he had a spark of inspiration when he was at the WWE Wrestlemania. He said, "An event of a...a content creators WWE, I think. W or L idea? I was thinking about that when I was at the WWE. Like chat, what if I set up a... WWE wrestling, but with content creators?"

Commenting on this idea, one user wrote, "Could be huge, but creators would need to be TRAINED to PROTECT themselves & their opponent; you can get seriously injured if not taken serious." However, the responses seemed like a mixed bag, some excited and enthused, while some down right rejecting IShowSpeed's proposal.

It should be noted that while IShowSpeed proposed this idea on stream, he did not discuss the kind of content creators he would pull in for this event.

It seems like the WWE fever in is in the air in the content creation industry. A few days back, on his stream, Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo showed off some of his WWE moves on ExtraEmily. While live, he lifted her up and supplexed her and also enacted some classic WWE shenanigans with the steel chair. Mizkif also jumped off a ladder onto his table and broke it down.

If you missed out on what happened at the Wrestlemania match and why there is a lot of talk about Speed's appearance, here's what happened.

The match, featuring Logan Paul, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens, was already intense with Orton and Owens turning on each other. Logan Paul, the reigning champion, was facing both Orton and Owens. However, the tables turned when IShowSpeed, disguised as a blue Prime bottle, entered the ring and saved Paul from a potential defeat.

As the match neared its climax, Randy Orton was on the verge of securing victory over Logan Paul. But just as Orton was about to deliver the final blow, IShowSpeed intervened, pulling Paul out of harm's way and saving him from Orton's wrath. This eventually ended up in Speed getting RKO'd and Paul retaining the title.

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