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Is Taylor Swift a Closet Gamer?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Taylor Swift's newest album The Tortured Poets Department has drawn the attention of her fans and gamers around the world.
Not only is the first single titled 'Fortnight', another lyric in the album about GTA has raised eyebrows.
In this article, we will take a closer look at some Taylor Swift lyrics that hint at video games.

In the last few weeks, fans have been linking Taylor Swift and the hit game Fortnite, thanks to The Tortured Poets Department having a single titled "Fortnight" which also features artist and gaming fan Post Malone. While we now know that Taylor Swift is not coming to Fortnite any time soon, the new album has still opened up some conversation about Taylor Swift secretly being a gamer. Not only is the first single titled 'Fortnight', another lyric in the album about GTA has raised eyebrows.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most deranged lyrics that hint at video games in Taylor Swift songs.

From Bejeweled to Grand Theft Auto: Video Games in Taylor Swift Lyrics

While not all lyrics are exact references to video games, some of Taylor's lyrics have words or phrases that are game titles.

Grand Theft Auto, Taylor Swift?

Let's start of by dissecting her most recent lyrics from the song titled "So High School" in The Tortured Poets Department. This particular reference to Grand Theft Auto appears in the bridge of the song, which goes like this:

Truth, dare, spin bottles

You know how to ball, I know Aristotle

Brand new, full throttle

Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto

It's true, swear, scouts honor

You knew what you wanted and, boy, you got her

Brand new, full throttle

You already know, babe

Karma, Midnights

In this particular song, Taylor Swift sings "King of Thieves.” If you are an avid mobile gamer, you would recognize this one as it is a mobile game called King of Thieves developed by ZeptoLab.

Bejeweled, Midnights

Bejeweled is the song title from the album Midnights which was released in 2022. If you grew up playing games, there is no way you have not come across Bejeweled. It is a classic gem-matching puzzle game created by PopCap Games. Bejeweled was released initially for browsers in 2001, followed by seven sequels.

It's Nice to Have a Friend, Lover

In the first verse of this song, Taylor Swift sings about video games. The lyrics are:

School bell rings, walk me home

Sidewalk chalk covered in snow

Lost my gloves, you give me one

"Wanna hang out?" Yeah, sounds like fun

Video games, you pass me a note

Sleeping in tents

We will make sure to keep this bizarre yet entertaining list of lyrics update as and when we find appropriate references.

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