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Is Minecraft 1.21 Update the Start of Massive End Expansion? All You Need to Know

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Each year, a new massive Minecraft update is announced, bringing thrilling new additions and mechanics to the sandbox game.
In 2024, we're looking forward to the Minecraft 1.21 Update, which changes the very foundations of Minecraft.
However, the Minecraft 1.21 Update might begin an expansion to the End. Here's what you need to know.

Among the many announcements at Minecraft Live 2023 came the one we all were hoping for – Minecraft 1.21 Update. It’s been a trend for Mojang to release one major update per year, although they tend to vary in size; this year’s 1.20 Update was on the smaller size. 

Minecraft 1.21 Update steps it up a notch, bringing big and flashy new features. The update won’t debut until mid-2024, but fans are eagerly theorizing what else might be coming in the update beyond the already confirmed content. With the new mob, Breeze, coming in the next update, players have suspected that there’s an overhaul or expansion to the End. 

Minecraft 1.21 Update Might Start the End Expansion

It’s been years since players have been hoping for an update or overhaul to the End, and it seems like we might actually be getting one.

From what we’ve seen so far, The Breeze is basically like an air-based version of the Blaze, a mod that can be found in Nether Fortresses. Once you defeat the Blaze, it drops Blaze Rods, which you can craft into Eyes of Ender to get to the Ender Portal. Players are theorizing that the Breeze might drop Breeze rods, which can also be used for this portal.

This theory on Reddit counts on two more mobs being added in the future: a Brine connected with water and a Bole connected with the earth. With all four added, players would need to gather rods from each mod to create three Eyes of Ender connected with each element before the End portal can be accessed. 

It will make reaching the End ten times more difficult, but if this does happen, it will push players to explore more areas and bring some more challenges. 

Some players are also speculating that two remaining Blaze-like mobs could be added to new dimensions, just like Blaze in nether, but players agree that it makes more sense to put them in already existing areas to allow players to explore more.

Obviously, nothing Mojang has announced so far indicates an overhaul or expansion to the End, but the similarities between Blaze and Breeze can’t be ignored.

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