Is EA FC 24 Down? How To Check Server Status & Fix Connection Issues


Is EA FC 24 Down? How To Check Server Status & Fix Connection Issues

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If you cannot connect to EA FC 24 servers or get kicked out of the matches, the servers might be down.
Here is how you can check the EA FC 24 server status and fix any internet connection issues you might be facing.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely having issues while trying to log in to the EA FC 24 servers and can’t play the game online. Is EA FC 24 Down? Might be.

No matter the platform you’re playing on, no one wants to boot up the loading screen and get an error message telling you that you can’t play online. This happens far more often than we’d like, and it’s probably due to EA FC 24 servers being offline, undergoing maintenance, or having some random problem. To help you, we’ll show you a reliable way of checking the EA FC 24 server status and how you can fix your connection issues.

EA FC 24: How to Check Server Status?

Unfortunately, there’s no official page for EA FC 24, like NBA 2K, to check server status. You can get to know the state of EA FC 24 servers by heading to their dedicated X account. Here, you will also be informed about any scheduled server downtime about to come. Be sure to watch out for updated posts on server issues. 

You can also check the EA FC 24 server status by using websites such as Downdetector. You can check if other EA FC 24 players are experiencing the same problems or not. You can even report problems you’re dealing with so other players know when the game servers are down. 

If you’re experiencing server issues, you need to sit back and wait. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to jump right back on the pitch and play EA FC 24 again. 

EA FC 24: How to Fix Connections Issues?

Beyond server issues, it could be a problem with your own internet connection preventing you from logging in. Here’s what you can do to deal with this issue – 

  1. If you know someone who plays EA FC 24, ask them if they are suffering from the same issue or not. If they are not, it’s a local issue that needs a fix from your end.

  2. If you are playing on a PC, make sure to check if EA FC 24 is blacklisted in your antivirus software or firewall.

  3. Restart your router

  4. Restart your game

  5. Restart your PC/Console

  6. If you are using a VPN, turn it off once to see if the game works.

That’s how you check the EA FC 24 server status and fix any local internet issues you might face.

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